WWE Smackdown Results (3/18) – Brock Lesnar Takes Out The Bloodline’s Ride; Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs defeated Los Lotharios (Humbert, Angel) by Pinfall; The Viking Raiders (Erik, Ivar) and Drew McIntyre defeated Happy Folks (Happy Corbin, Jinder Mahal, Shanky) by Pinfall

Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown Results!

It looks like we’re in for an interesting sight as Brock Lesnar continues to search for his Roman Reigns pound of flesh after Bloodline’s attack on MSG.

We’re ready to shake things up, so let’s take action!

The show opened with Scott Hall’s memorial image before going into their intro. We’d be surprised if they didn’t repost his tribute video.

Roman Reigns kicked off the show with Paul Heyman and The Usos by his side as he made sure to show off his new shirt and headed to the ring.

Michael Cole reiterated that Pat McAfee couldn’t get his hands on Austin Theory and that he had to apologize to Austin or lose his job. It’ll go smooth as silk, we’re sure.

Reigns asked Charlotte, North Carolina to recognize him and they did. He then explained that tonight would be the first time they would be face to face for the first time since he ran him over.

He promised to smash it again, then Heyman informed him that Lesnar was stuck in a weather pattern and wouldn’t be on Smackdown.

Fans chanted “We want Lesnar!” and Reigns said he understood as he also wanted Lesnar there and claimed that Lesnar was afraid of him.

Heyman then pulled out his phone that Lesnar landed and is on his way there and Reigns wasn’t happy.

So much for the weather model. Reigns packed it up and rushed up the ramp to get out before Lesnar arrived.

Lesnar strikes

Once backstage, the Bloodline got into their SUV as Lesnar drove the forks of a forklift through the window.

After spearing the car, cameras showed the Bloodline was in it before he flipped her on her side and pushed her against the wall.


As Lesnar looked at their SUV and laughed, the Bloodline took another vehicle, but Lesnar realized they were in it and ran after them and ripped off a door.

Talk about sloppy continuity.

Lesnar then came out in the ring carrying the door.

Lesnar said Reigns woke up the bipolar beast and would see him in two weeks.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs against Los Lotharios (Humbert, Angel)

Nakamura and Humberto started and Nakamura took the lead early and took it to Humberto with some of his typical arsenal, but Humberto fought back and Angel blind scored.

They worked on Nakamura with some double team moves for a near fall and continued to work on Nakamura.

Boogs tagged and leveled Angel with grip shots, the military pressed Humberto ten times before throwing him into Angel.

Boogs hit a Boogs Cruise on Angel for the win.

The Viking Raiders (Erik, Ivar) and Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Folks (Happy Corbin, Jinder Mahal, Shanky) with Madcap Moss)

Erik went after Shanky to start and Shanky quickly overpowered him before tagging Mahal.

Ivar tagged it and brought it to Corbin and nearly knocked him to the floor with a clothesline, but Corbin with a spinebuster, then pinned McIntyre to trip him as we headed to the commercial.

Mahal worked on Ivar, but Ivar managed to shut down and nearly got tagged if Corbin hadn’t stopped him. Mahal and McIntyre took it to the ground and McIntyre dropped it with a Glasgow Kiss.

McIntyre tagged in and Corbin tagged in Shanky and left him and Mahal to face McIntyre. McIntyre cleared the house sending Mahal to the ground and slammed Shanky, then hit a Claymore on Shanky for the win.

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