Vigor Chronicles Perseverance latest update brings new encounter map and story

A new chronicle in the universe of foreigners of Vigor comes out this week: Perseverance.

Freyja, the Viking warrior, has been forced to travel to a new home. The lands where she used to walk are now home to fragments of her past, waiting for you to uncover them. Dive deep into Freyja’s story of hardship, legacy and hope this Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

Bohemia Interactive has announced Vigor Chronicles: Perseverance, a new chapter in a series of chronicles that give players insight into the stories of characters from the Outlanders universe. The new update that will be released on February 2, 2022 introduces a brand new story to listen and follow, a new encounter card, a new consumable in the form of an improvised mine, the new Remy M870 shotgun, the shotgun and rifle rework, and various quality of life changes.

Thanks to the new update, Bohemia follows the path set with Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance. This means that the history and traditions of each season will be reflected in the name. This time the story is more down to earth and subtle, dropping hints and clues to connect it to the previous story. All of these stories are part of a bigger puzzle that players will have to slowly piece together.

Unfold the Chronicles and show perseverance in the face of adversity! Hear Freyja’s story and delve into her search for a new home. Explore a story of hardship, legacy and hope. The church is waiting for you…

The Vikings “come back to life” in this Battle Pass. You can venture into Encounters as a fur-wearing, tattooed, horn-helmeted Viking equipped with amazing shields and backpacks. You can also collect available audio tapes from points of interest (POI) in encounters. Additionally, players can enjoy the brand new encounter card called Kjerstin, the powerful Remy M870, the new Improvised Mine consumable, and test out the weapon reworks that have been done for this update.

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