This spectacular animated map shows how writing has spread around the world and will surprise you

Writing is one of the keys to human civilization. Thanks to her, contracts, sales, literature and collective memory were born.

The writing was a key discovery in human evolution because it helped fix the words and think about what we say, allowing the development of thought. “Words fly and what’s written staysSaid the Roman orator Gaius Titus 2000 years ago.

Linguists consider it proven that we learned to speak before writing. And there is a consensus that the writing comes from the need to establish economic agreements and contracts between traders.

It was not an invention of one person or one tribe and the rest copied it, but appeared in different parts of the world, and it has been extended and modified in various ways. East animated writing cardcreated by YouTube channel Ollie Bye, shows us the evolution of writing in a very visual and fun way:

The first written symbols representing the spoken language appeared around 5,000 years ago, the 3000 BC (BC)

The Sumerian, Hindu and Egyptian hieroglyphs they are considered the first known written languages. They spread throughout Mesopotamia, until They were born in Europe around 2000 BC. BC, in Crete.

We have to skip a year 1300 BC for them to appear the first writings in China and in continental Europe, in Greece.

about the year 800 BC they are dated early Olmec glyphs, in Mayan America. Around year 600 BC, the Phoenicians bring writing to Spaincenturies before reaching what is now France, the United Kingdom or Germany.

Around 400 BC. the Aramaic It was the most widespread written language in all of Asia. Around 330 BC. BC, Latin was born in Italy.which would eventually spread throughout most of Western Europe, giving rise to several European languages, including modern Spanish.

In Northern Europe, runes spread from Viking lands to the UK around the 1st centurywhere Latin had remained.

Modern Arabic was born around the year 500a language that will conquer a large part of Africa and Asia.

Cyrillic writing was born around the year 900, and will spread across Eastern Europe and Russia. In most cases, the different types of writing develop through military conquest, trade or religion.

The discovery of America, in 1,492brings European scripts of Latin origin to the American continent: Spanish English Portuguese, etc. They all have the same root. Also in Africa, where English and French prevailed.

After the end of colonialism in the 19th century, the distribution of writing changed little in the world.

A fascinating and much easier to remember evolution, with wonderful animated cards like the one we just saw.

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