This “Minecraft” Platinum Jubilee Map Is Much Better Than The Reality

Foreigners watching the UK may believe we are seized with a feverish desire to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which this week marks 70 years on the British throne of Elizabeth II. Millions of people around the world might assume that we’re all swept up in the patriotic desire to hold street parties, watch Queen’s Speech marathons on BritBox, eat our body weight in unseasoned, tasteless carbs, and… waving mini Union flags while singing ‘Rule Britannia’, remembering fondly the days when we ‘owned’ a quarter of the world’s landmass.

In reality, that really couldn’t be further from the truth. While public sentiment for the Queen remains high (even despite, well, that sort of thing), the past few years have been so divisive, so disheartening and so costly for ordinary Britons that the majority of us cannot just don’t be bothered. Indeed, a member of Reddit’s wonderful CasualUK complained that due to the actions of two royalist neighbours, “it will cost £7 to be on [his] street on Saturday and no one is allowed to use the road.

However, an alternative method of celebration can be used by the global community, non-doms, secret monarchists, and those who don’t want to spend $10 to leave their house at community-mandated gatherings. This week, NVIDIA unveiled a “traditional British street party” within Minecraft to mark the platinum jubilee, probably modeled after the post-war celebrations of 1945, when the British generally loved each other without a doubt.

Commissioned by NVIDIA and created by specialist artist Ushio Tokura using his GeForce RTX GPU to showcase raytracing, the map digitally recreates Buckingham Palace and Pall Mall, two of London’s most recognizable landmarks, in Minecraft. This was no small feat; it took the Tokura team 650 hours over two weeks to complete, using 45 million blocks to create a virtual space of approximately 830,000 square feet.

Those who jump in London3 can begin the platinum jubilee festivities at the mall, where crowds can watch the royal guards parade in their chic platinum-colored jackets, adorning their blocky bodies especially for the occasion. As gamers continue to Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial, NVIDIA’s investment goes into hyperdrive, as this is where the company aims to show its lighting potential to those lucky enough to own a card. high-end chart, after two years of shortage due to COVID and Bitcoin miner demands.

Of course, no street party concept is complete without an actual street party, and Tokura and co have catered for that too. A classic roadside sweets table has been laid out in an avenue decorated with streamers and balloons, while a street band plays music. Pixelated cake, champagne and sandwiches are there to marvel at, while activities include a game of “Pin the Tail on the Corgi.”

NVIDIA’s mapping experience culminates with fireworks in the sky over Buckingham Palace, using real-time raytracing to “realistically illuminate the world around players by simulating the physical behavior of light, allowing for reflections, shadows and other natural lighting effects”. Cared for.

If you fancy immersing yourself in British culture, even if it’s closer to utopia than our increasingly Airstrip One reality, you can grab NVIDIA’s map from Planet Minecraft.

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