The Seanote yacht parked at the Lake Minnetonka boat launch may finally have a new home

The Seanote season saga may be coming to an end.

The 58-foot yacht has been unceremoniously moored in a Hennepin County-owned boat launch since late December, racking up parking tickets and nuisance violations from nearby water patrol. His unauthorized presence prompted the county to file a lawsuit, arguing that the 45-ton boat (currently filled with 200 gallons of fuel) is precipitously perched and poses a potential danger – and ordering the owners of the boat to move it elsewhere .

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A few weeks later, there may finally be a solution.

Attorneys for the owners of the Seanote, in a filing Thursday, said the City of Spring Park would allow the yacht to be stored in properly zoned land at 4444 Shoreline Drive. The lot is owned by US Boats, which itself is owned by one of Seanote’s owners, Paul Berquist, who is a plaintiff in the lawsuit. The property is nestled between a boat repair shop, storage units and a real estate business.

Attached to the docket is a copy of a message from Acting Spring Park Administrator James Brimeyer saying the city is “willing” to have the Seanote moved there. There are, however, a few prerequisites: The boat cannot block any parking space, it must be kept inaccessible to the public and the owners must notify the city at least 24 hours before the move takes place.

Bring Me The News has contacted Brimeyer for more information.

The Seanote’s actual displacement is still a question mark.

Defendants indicated in court filings that a local towing company is willing to do so, but the company wants to get approval from various parties first (including Hennepin County, State Patrol and city officials who would be involved). The county said the trailer the yacht is currently on is insufficient and suggested the boat be lifted via crane to another trailer before being transported, according to court filings.

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In the March 3 letter, the defendants called the county’s plan “unnecessary and dangerous” and asked it to “identify the legal authorities that it believes prevent the Seanote from being moved to its current trailer.”

So it might take a bit longer before the Seanote is moved to its next beached home.

The Seanote became something of a Lake Minnetonka sensation when winter hit and the lake froze. His arduous journey to earth drew dozens of viewers, inspired a YouTube stream, and sparked constant online discussion.

The boat and the security gates around it block off all but one parking space in the county boat launch parking lot. Berquist, in the business journalpreviously accused the county of being more interested in punishment than helping find a solution.

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