The “price” of gold doubles during a national meeting

CARY – Surry County swimmers won 12 medals at the NC High School Athletic Association 1A/2A State Championship swim meet.

This was underscored by six gold medals, including Mount Airy’s first individual swimming championship in 16 years: Matheson Williams.

Williams, a junior, won the state championship in the 100-yard backstroke. He finished first in the preliminary race with a time of 55.25 seconds and then won the title with a time of 54.80 seconds.

The other county swimmer this side of Interstate 77 to medal was Kara Bryant of North Surry. Bryant won a bronze medal for finishing fourth in the women’s 100 butterfly.

If the relay teams could be selected as Championship Meet MVP, the award would likely unanimously go to Elkin’s team of Amelia Presley, Mattie Wells, Morgan Wiles and Sophie Welborn. The Buckin’ Elks quartet won state championships in all three relay races for girls: the 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle.

Wiles went on to win a silver medal in the 100 butterfly, while two other Buckin’ Elks added individual bronze medals: Welborn in the 50 freestyle and Mattie in the 100 breaststroke.

Elkin’s men’s relay team of Troy Snow, Thomas McComb, Marshall Wells and Jack Zamudio won a gold medal in the men’s 200 freestyle relay, as well as a bronze medal in the 400 freestyle relay. Zamudio and Marshall Wells won gold and silver respectively in the boys’ 100m breaststroke.

In the team standings, local schools finished in the following order: Elkin Girls finished fourth, followed by North Surry at 17, Surry Central at 25, East Wilkes at 27, Mount Airy at 29 and East Surry at 35; Elkin finished fifth for the boys, followed by Mount Airy at 11, East Surry at 13, Starmount at 21 and West Stokes at 24.

Elkin was the only traditional 1A school to finish in the top 10 in either team competition.

Full local competitor results are listed below by event. Individual races are formatted as follows: regional finish, name, school, time. The relays are formatted as follows: regional finish, school, relay members, time.

Swimmers with a (P) next to their name competed in the preliminary round only and finished No. 17-No. 24. Preliminary races were held for every race except the 500m freestyle. The top eight preliminary times qualified for the championship chase, while places 9-16 advanced to the consolation finals. If a swimmer finished first in the consolation final, the highest place they could finish overall is 9th place.

For this reason, some Finals 9-16 times may be faster than some Finals 1-8 times.

Girls 200m medley relay

1. Elkin: Amelia Presley, Mattie Wells, Morgan Wiles, Sophie Welborn, 1:50.90

15. East Surry: Haley Joyce, Claire Hull, Aby Caro, Riley Yard, 2:12.59

Boys’ 200m medley relay

(P) Elkin: Troy Snow, Jack Zamudio, Marshall Wells, Thomas McComb DQ

200m free girls

5. Mallory Cave, Surry Central, 2:02.13

14. Amelia Presley, Elkin, 2:12.23

PRELIMINARY: Hannah Fulp, West Stokes, 2:13.85

200m freestyle boys

3. Peyton Ponce de Leon, Starmount, 1:46.72

11. Martin Cooke, Mount Airy, 1:56.70

(P) Luke McComb, Elkin, 2:06.47

(P) Zachary Heath, West Stokes, 2:07.86

200m girls medley

6. Cassidy Hull, North Surry, 2:20.85

12. Sedessa Hatcher, East Wilkes, 2:24.27

13. Claire Hull, East Surry, 2:25.29

200m individual medley boys

8. Matheson Williams, Mount Airy, 2:04.35

9. Colby Goins, East Surry, 2:08.40

(P) Brayden Lapham, West Stokes, 2:22.90

50 girls freestyle

3. Sophie Welborn, Elkin, 24.46

50m freestyle boys

7. Troy Snow, Elkin, 22.77

(G)* Charles McGhee, West Stokes, 23.42

*McGhee tied with Davidson’s Riley Hall Community School in the preliminaries with a time of 23.73. The two swam to advance to the consolation final, and Hall won with a time of 23.22 to McGhee’s 23.42.

Girls 100 butterfly

2. Morgan Wiles, Elkin, 58.04

4. Kara Bryant, North Surry, 1:00.83

(P) Joanna Arroyo, Surry Central, 1:12.12

(P) Aby Caro, East Surry, 1:13.25

Boys 100 Butterfly

2. Peyton Ponce de Leon, Starmount, 51.65

6. Andrew Needham, East Surry, 54.71

(P) Brayden Lapham, West Stokes, 1:04.32

100m free girls

9. Jessica Sawyers, Mount Airy, 56.15

100m freestyle boys

11. Charles McGhee, West Stokes, 51.98

16. Thomas McComb, Elkin, 53.84

(P) Clayton Sebastian, Elkin, 55.05

500m free girls

6. Mallory Cave, Surry Central, 5:29.91

13. Cassidy Hull, North Surry, 5:42.98

18. Haley Joyce, East Surry, 5:57.64

500m freestyle boys

13. Colby Goins, East Surry, 5:27.61

23. Aiden Richardson, East Surry, 6:07.18

Girls 200m freestyle relay

1. Elkin: Morgan Wiles, Mattie Wells, Amelia Presley, Sophie Welborn, 1:41.39

(P) West Stokes: Maggie Hill, Presley Hartle, Gordon Grabs, Hannah Fulp, 1:57.20

Relay 200 free boys

1. Elkin: Troy Snow, Thomas McComb, Marshall Wells, Jack Zamudio, 1:29.40

11. Mount Airy: Matheson Williams, Peter Cooke, Hayden Bender, Martin Cooke, 1:38.42

12. West Stokes: Charles McGhee, Griffin Sparks, Brayden Lapham, Zachary Heath, 1:38.75

13. East Surry: Colby Goins, Derek Freeman, Gavin Atkins, Andrew Needham, 1:39.76

100m backstroke girls

7. Kara Bryant, North Surry, 1:02.92

(P) Haley Joyce, East Surry, 1:08.75

100m backstroke boys

1. Matheson Williams, Mount Airy, 54.80

13. Andrew Needham, East Surry, 59.31

(P) Martin Cooke, Mount Airy, 1:01.51

(P) Jackson Graves, North Surry, 1:03.16

Girls 100m breaststroke

4. Mattie Wells, Elkin, 1:11.44

5. Sedessa Hatcher, East Wilkes, 1:11.92

9. Jessica Sawyers, Mount Airy, 1:13.39

14. Claire Hull, East Surry, 1:15.68

100m breaststroke boys

1. Jack Zamudio, Elkin, 56.21

2. Marshall Wells, Elkin, 58.26

Relay 400 free girls

1. Elkin: Morgan Wiles, Amelia Presley, Mattie Wells, Sophie Welborn, 3:46.22

16. North Surry: Cassidy Hull, Kalei Mauldin, Baley Hawks, Kara Bryant, 4:23.84

(P) West Stokes: Maggie Hill, Presley Hartle, Morgan Sargent, Hannah Fulp, 4:20.54

(P) East Surry: Claire Hull, Riley Yard, Aby Caro, Haley Joyce, 4:22.08

Relay 400 free boys

3. Elkin: Troy Snow, Thomas McComb, Marshall Wells, Jack Zamudio, 3:22.84

8. Mount Airy: Matheson Williams, Peter Cooke, Noah Moore, Martin Cooke, 3:38.56

9. East Surry: Colby Goins, Aiden Richardson, Gavin Atkins, Andrew Needham, 3:33.76

12. West Stokes: Charles McGhee, Wes Copenhaver, Brayden Lapham, Zachary Heath, 3:37.49

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