The price of a possible Kirk Cousins ​​extension may have been revealed

If the Minnesota Vikings are considering giving quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​an extension this year, how much could it cost the team?

When it comes to what to do with quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​this year, the Minnesota Vikings have a few options. In the end, it all comes down to the same three possibilities. The Vikings can trade cousins, give him an extension or find a way to let him play the last year of his current contract.

If Minnesota approaches the veteran quarterback about a possible contract extension, what kind of deal will the signalman seek?

Will Cousins ​​be willing to take less money to help Vikings improve other areas on their roster, or will he look to make as much money as possible?

Extension for Kirk Cousins ​​could end up costing Minnesota Vikings $40 million a year

This offseason, Minnesota won’t be the only NFL team to make a decision on a veteran quarterback. The Las Vegas Raiders will also try to figure out how much longer they want to roll with Derek Carr as the starting flagger.

Like Cousins, Carr’s current contract is due to expire in 2023, so he’s likely hoping to get an extension from the Raiders before becoming a free agent in a year’s time.

However, a contract extension for the Las Vegas quarterback should by no means come cheap. In fact, an extension for Carr could cost the Raiders around $40 million per season according to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Tuesday.

With most believing Cousins ​​to be a similar, if not better, quarterback to Carr, that $40 million-a-year price tag will likely be close to what the Vikings passer will also be looking to earn from an extension. .

If that ends up being close to what Cousins ​​is looking to make per season, it’s hard to imagine Minnesota’s new regime would be willing to pay that kind of money to the veteran quarterback.

The Vikings already have salary cap issues, and Cousins’ annual salary increase isn’t going to make things any easier when it comes to trying to fix holes in the team’s roster.

An extension that earns cousins ​​$40 million a season doesn’t help Minnesota get closer to greatness, it only keeps them from being terrible

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