The Boys’ Thor Parody Paid The Price For Betraying The Butcher

At Garth Ennis The boys, murders and double crosses are happening around every corner, often leading to gruesome results in which those involved are creatively eviscerated. While many of the Supes are ironically killing machines, arguably the king of all carnage is Billy Butcher, the psychopathic Englishman with a penchant for creative killing and a brilliant strategist who is always one step ahead of his game. prey.

Throughout the series, we see Butcher executing dubious, but effective, tactics to eliminate would-be heroes and coerce the survivors of his assault into giving him information on the remaining members of the Supe community. In the continuation of the series Boys: Dear Beckyreaders see the beginning of how he got his infamous inheritance and how he showed the Supes that doubling him is the worst and last mistake they will ever make.

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In Dear BeckyGarth Ennis Presents The boys’ universe twelve years after the events of the original series. Although part of the series is set in the future with Hughie reading Butcher’s diary, much of the story is told through his entries in the book. It shows the beginning of Butcher’s first foray with the Boys and ultimately his extortion and forced coercion of Vikor, this universe’s version of Thor. When they first meet, Butcher attempts to groom the mighty Viking Supe to spy on various members of Vought’s catalog of superheroes. While initially refusing, the man is forced to submit to Butcher’s will and do the deed for him. It sets up probably the most visceral and brutal series of takedowns in the entire miniseries when the once-proud Viking rounds up the rest of his fellow Asgardians and sets out to double-cross and eliminate his tormentor.

Billy is consistently shown throughout the series as always being several steps ahead of his enemies, often having some sort of wild trick up his sleeve in order to keep his plans on track. This is best illustrated when Vikor attempts revenge for being burned alive by Butcher. Evidently still embittered by previous events and unaware of the full extent of Butcher’s depravity, Vikor and his fellow Norse-themed Supes try to kill him when he comes to collect information on Stormfront and lure each other in. without knowing it the anger of the ultraviolent woman. As payment for the double cross, the Woman absolutely decimates all of Vikor’s friends, showing exactly why going against Butcher’s wishes is the worst idea.

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In the aftermath of the massacre, all but two of the Supes are dead and maimed beyond belief, with Vikor the only one left physically unharmed. The other Viking warrior ends up with her shins protruding from her legs. Billy makes an example of this unfortunate group of Supes proving that if you cross paths with The Boys, there will be hell to pay. When examined even further, the psychological effect this must have had on Vikor is staggering, as he shed a few tears at the loss of his comrades, further proving the effectiveness of Butcher’s tactics.

In the war against the tyrannical superhero community that exists in The boys, Butcher stands out as a brilliant but gruesome tactician who employs vicious strategies and espionage to impose his will on those around him. His back-up plan for the Woman to wipe out the pseudo-Asgardians for their betrayal was devastating. Always ready to face any opponent, Butcher is as terrifying as he is brilliant. In his sadistic way, his use of the Woman to get what he wanted from Vikor made readers and Supes realize that no one should ever betray Billy Butcher.

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