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Imagine the infernal fire of oil rigs at night as migrants drift towards them, believing they have reached dry land. Hear tales of suffering and sexual violence as rescued migrants visit nurses aboard the Ocean Viking and reveal their experiences. And share the joy as a stalemate ends and the time has finally come to disembark. In this episode of Tales from the Border, the stories of two crew members and some of those who were rescued by the Ocean Viking weave together to create an image aboard the humanitarian rescue ship operated by SOS Mediterranean. This episode was recorded in May 2021. The stories of those rescued were recorded over the 18 months.

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Presenter and Producer: Emma Wallis

Editor: Marion Mac Gregor

Series editors: Charlotte Hauswedell and Sven Pöhle

Studio production: Gerd Georgii and Jürgen Kuhn in DW Studios

Musical theme: Chinese Man Records, France

Sounds and interviews provided by: SOS Méditerranée, Flavio Gasperini, Sandy McKee, Hippolyte, DW

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