Take a look at the full map of Dying Light 2 and see its size

The Dying Light 2 map is quite large, unsurprisingly, as it takes place in an entire city. However, it will take you several hours to see all the main areas of Villedor, or even longer depending on how long you spend in the opening area. The starting location of Old Villedor seems big enough to start with, and there are plenty of things to do. However, when you reach a crucial point in Dying Light 2’s story, you’ll be able to leave that initial region and move on – opening up the full map, which more than doubles the size of your zombie-infested playground. .

So if you want to prepare yourself for the magnitude of what you’re about to face, or just want to take a look, here’s the full Dying Light 2 map. Here’s what the game looks like, after the credits, with lots of side quests and completed activities. I’m currently at around 100 hours and there’s still a lot to do. You may find that the duration of Dying Light 2 varies depending on your playstyle.

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Dying Light 2 Full Map

(Image credit: Techland)

At the start of the game, you will be confined to the upper left area of ​​the Dying Light 2 map. These four regions are full of activities and quests to discover, and you can easily spend hours alone there. However, eventually you’ll want to move on, as a lot of the best Dying Light 2 gear is unlocked in the second, larger region. When you finally reach this main area, you’ll unlock a paraglider, for example, so you can fly from rooftop to rooftop. There is also a grappling hook later down the line.

In terms of differences, the main one is that the starting area only has two- or three-story buildings. When you get to the second area, you’ll find skyscrapers several thousand feet tall. Climb them and you can see for miles and fly for as long as you can hold the paraglider. There’s also a pair of binoculars in the game, which you can use to explore the area and add markers to your map, which is one of the few good tips in Dying Light 2 – it makes it easier to get an overview of the terrain and see what’s out there, without having to manually discover everything.

There are also quick travels, helpfully, which are eventually unlocked once you’re more settled into the world. It allows you to travel between a few bases and some subway stations that need to be unlocked first – you may need to turn on some generators or take out enemies that have taken over, but before long you should have somewhere where to go in each area. Check out these Dying Light 2 fast travel and subway locations to help you get to fast travel points quickly.

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