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1 p.m., Texans by 3, 44 ½

HANK’S HONEY: It can be hard to believe but the Jets are the better team and the Texans are favored for the first time this year. Even with Tyrod Taylor back in the quarterback, the Texans are still struggling offensively, totaling less than 200 yards of total offense during their upset last week. As bad as the Jets’ defense is, it should at least hold up. After seeing two more quarterbacks play ahead of him, Zach Wilson should be motivated enough to enjoy a sweet secondary in his chance to prove himself. Houston is caught between division games here with the Colts on deck, making it a tough place for the home favorite.

IF I WAS A BET: Jets and below.


1 p.m., Eagles by 3 ½, 46 ½

HANK’S HONEY: The Giants continue to wallow in their own sub-mediocrity as the Eagles, now that Nick Sirianni’s emphasis on the running game, play their best football of the year. Big Blue’s offensive problems won’t be solved in a week by canning Jason Garrett; Philly always has a big advantage where it counts, in the trenches. What about Freddie Kitchens calling coins? Do you remember his attack on the Browns? It will take a big effort from the Giants defense to keep this one close to us and we’ve all seen how much they miss Logan Ryan. Not crazy about crochet but we’ll go with the only one of those teams that still has playoff hopes.

IF I WAS A BET: Eagles and pennies.


1 p.m., Bucs by 2 ½, 52

HANK’S HONEY: The Colts’ whole offense revolves around handing the ball over to Jonathan Taylor, who performed wonderfully in Buffalo last week. But it is a very good defense against the race which will find its best stop in the race at Vita Vea. It comes down to Carson Wentz vs. Tom Brady and in that situation there’s no case for the Colts. We’ll admit that Tampa Bay has been a terrible road team this season with a 0-5 ATS record, but it has to end somewhere. With the gap under a basket, that place is there.

IF I WAS A BET: Bucs and more.


8:20 p.m., Crows by 4, 45 ½

HANK’S HONEY: While we are hesitant to give more than a FG in a huge divisional game, we pass out the Browns. So highly touted before the start of the season, they revert to their historically dysfunctional ways and underperform again. Baker Mayfield is assaulted and frustrated, which is not a good combination against a pass rush that can assail him. Cleveland’s offense hasn’t gone over 17 points in five of the last six games and the exception came against the Bengals in a victory greatly facilitated by turnovers. Lamar Jackson is expected to be back, although his health is still an issue. With question marks surrounding both QBs, we’re heavy on the underside.

IF I WAS A BET: Crows and less.


4:25 p.m., Packers by 1, 47 ½

HANK’S HONEY: Sean McVay’s 4-1 ATS record after the pass needs to be respected, but it’s not a great place to bounce back against the Packers at icy Lambeau Field. The Green Bay defense has allowed just 11 points per game at home and this Rams offense is in trouble. Their running game has been lacking them lately and with their O-line likely to put pressure in the middle, the Packers can get the upper hand over old friend Matthew Stafford (3-7 in a row as a Lion at Green Bay) . Having opened the season with impressive wins over the Colts and Bucs, the Rams are 0-3 SU and ATS against teams 0.500 and better. Aaron Rodgers may be hampered, but we wait for him to empty it into this one, not needing that many points for a W.

IF I WAS A BET: The packers and the less.


1 p.m., Falcons by 1, 46 ½

HANK’S HONEY: Trevor Lawrence hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in three games. In what is usually a hallmark of bad teams, the Jaguars are back to committing suicide with penalties, mistakes and general silliness. Matt Ryan is getting beaten behind that offensive line and the Jaguars defense should be able to get a boost, but he has more weapons at his disposal with Kyle Pitts and the return of Cordarrelle Patterson. The Falcons have been appalling against the Pats and Cowboys, two of the best in the NFL, but have done very well against the NFL bottom feeders with covers against the Jets, Giants and Dolphins. The underside is screaming here.

IF I WAS A BET: The hawks and the less.


1 p.m., Patriots by 5 ½, 44 ½

HANK’S HONEY: As impressive as the Patriots are, we’re hesitant to throw all of those points against what is still one of the best teams in the AFC. Throw Tennessee’s loss to the Texans last week. It was a bad place for them after so many impressive wins and an unusually bad game from Ryan Tannehill. Mike Vrabel has beaten his former boss in each of their two meetings, both times as an underdog, and he will have his team ready. The Patriots have scored just four offensive touchdowns in their last three wins while the Titans’ defense, led by an underrated group of four, kept four of their last nine enemies 22 points or less. The Pats will win but it will be a squealer.

IF I WAS A BET: The Titans and less.


Monday, 8:15 p.m., Washington by 1, 46 ½

HANK’S HONEY: Right now, Taylor Heinicke outshines Russell Wilson, who hasn’t looked the same since returning from his injured finger. He’s going to have to go back to the old form if the Seahawks have a chance as Seattle can’t lead the ball and his defense can’t be trusted. Despite the defeat of Chase Young, the Burgundy and Gold defense is coming to its two best performances of the year. Heinicke, meanwhile, is fortunate to have an elite WR so little known in Terry McLaurin. After allowing Colt McCoy to burn them for 328 yards without DeAndre Hopkins, the Seahawks secondary doesn’t seem to have an answer against the WFT combo.

IF I WAS A BET: Washington and more.


4:05 p.m., Chargers by 2 ½, 47 ½

HANK’S HONEY: Justin Herbert, finally released by the game plan, erupted against the Steelers and it should continue here against a defense that ranks 27th in third down stop. The Chargers are giving up a lot of rushing yards and Denver has two good backs, but Herbert’s success can force the Broncos to take off. The Broncos are coming out of their goodbye, but it hasn’t necessarily been positive this year with these teams 7-13 ATS. Thy has struggled to win at home this season as the Chargers are 5-0 ATS in the division this season. With the number under a basket, we will go with the best team.

IF I WAS A BET: Chargers and more.


1 p.m., Panthers by 1, 42 ½

HANK’S HONEY: Cam Newton was the good story of the week, but he was barely OK against the Washington Whats. He never even tried to throw the ball into the field (189 total yards) and, as a result, couldn’t move the team after falling behind. The Miami defense has performed better during the team’s three-game winning streak and shouldn’t have too many problems against a one-man team, even if that man is Christian McCaffrey. Tua Tagovailoa, meanwhile, is playing his best football. The Panthers have good defensive stats, but largely against weak attacks. With the Dolphins on a three-game winning streak and playing closer to preseason expectations, they are an attractive underdog at home in what is sure to be a low scoring game.

IF I WAS A BET: dolphins and below.




4:25 p.m., Niners by 3, 48 ½

HANK’S HONEY: Both teams have gained momentum as they try to set up playoff pushes after slow starts, so it’s really a toss up. The situation favors the healthier Niners against a team heading to the West Coast after an emotional victory over their biggest rival. But, if the Vikings are able to fight against a defense that has struggled to stop it (4.5 ypc), Kirk Cousins ​​will be in for game action as Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen find themselves isolated. . The Vikings are 5-0 ATS as an underdog and the Niners are 0-4 ATS as a home favorite. We are looking for a lot of points, making the highest bet.

CAN’T YOU HELP YOURSELF? : Vikings and beyond.




1 p.m., Bengals by 3 ½, 45

IF I WAS A BET: Steelers and more.


BEST BET OF THE WEEK: Washington. Hello to the Heinickes.

Last week: 7-8

Globally: 81-82-2

More less: 87-78

Best bets: 7-4

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