People baffled by TikTok of new Drayton Manor ride

People have been left puzzled by a ride coming to a theme park not far from Worcester.

A Viking-themed land will open at Drayton Manor later this year, along with a number of new rides and attractions.

But one ride, in particular, caught the attention of viewers on Tik Tok.

It is named after Loki and is the UK’s first Zamperla Nebulaz.

More than 1.1 million people viewed the theme park’s Tik Tok showcasing the new ride, and it’s fair to say viewers were left baffled by how it worked.

One comment, which had over 2,000 likes, read, “This makes me cry, I don’t understand.”

To which the theme park account replied, “It’s mind blowing.”

Some viewers thought it must be an April Fool’s joke, while many drew comparisons to the Juggler ride featured in the Spy Kids 2 movie.

Take a look yourself:

@drayton_manor A real beauty 🛡🌀 #DraytonManor #DiscoverVikings #amusement park #fyp #foryoupage #amusement park ♬ Epic Viking Trailer Music with folk instruments – JacobOST

Drayton Manor’s website provides the following description of the new attraction: “Loki is a thrilling family attraction with eight gondolas and four arms rotating in a quick-interlocking orbit.

“Inspired by the malevolent god of mischief, Loki will send passengers to new heights, delivering a truly mesmerizing experience from both the sky and the ground.”

Other rides opening as part of the theme park’s new Vikings area include Thor, a disco-coaster, and Jormungandr, a reimagined version of the park’s Buffalo Coaster.

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