Patch 1.03 “Elden Ring” adds NPC map markers, new quests and more

Ring of Elden received a new update, bringing it to version 1.03 and adding a highly requested feature.

The new version of Ring of Elden now allows players to save an icon and name of an NPC on the game map when encountering that character. At the same time, significant changes have been made to NPCs with a new one – Jar-Bairn – added as well as new quest phases for many NPCs. These include Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc. The update also adds more summonable NPCs for several situations.

In addition to NPC changes, many bug fixes have been implemented. Balance changes have also been made, including an increase in the drop rate of Forge Stones for certain enemies and improved shield effectiveness. There is also a damage boost for all offensive cracked pot items, along with a selection of other items as well.

The full patch notes are available on the Bandai Namco website for players to check out.

Ring Elden. Credit: FromSoftware.

The ability to save an NPC’s location on the game map is a big deal. Previously, a player created their own iOS app to replicate the ability. Dachary Carey explained that he sees the lack of any type of tracker as a “big accessibility barrier” for many gamers.

More recently, Bandai Namco suggested that Ring of Elden may end up as more than a game. Via a press release, it was suggested that it could also enter other media formats and become part of “everyone’s daily life”. This follows the announcement that the game has sold 12 million units worldwide.

In other gaming news, a new vlog for star field suggests that it draws inspiration from “old hardcore RPGs”.

Additionally, the full schedule for the Commonwealth Games Esports Championships has been announced.

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