New Genshin Impact Leak Reveals More Details About Teyvat’s Map Set

Recent Genshin Impact map leaks reveal which parts of the popular world Teyvat may become explorable in the game’s future.

Genshin Impact Mondstadt art

Exploring the map is one of the most crucial parts of gameplay found in Genshin Impact. Long climbs and breathtaking landscapes make it more than obvious that every part of the game was designed to be absolutely stunning.

Genshin Impact updates often bring new parts of maps to explore. While most of the new exploration points are permanent, there were a few limited events that brought new limited locations to this update, such as the popular Golden Apple Archipelago activity in update 1.6. .


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Two of the game’s biggest assets are probably unique Genshin Impact character designs and gorgeous parts of the map. The world that serves Gesnhin Impact is called Teyvat and there outside of the current explorable areas there is no official information about its contents. However, several leaks have hinted at what the map might look like.

The shocking thing about this map leak is definitely its size given that the current three main regions of Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma take up around 10% of the entire map. After several “filler updates”, Genshin Impact update 2.0 was the turning point as it introduced the long-awaited Inazuma Islands. Each new update after 2.0 brought a new island suitable for the flow of the main story quest. The explorable part of the game could be greatly expanded in the future, which would surely cause headaches for all mobile gamers.

Recent Genshin Impact Rumors speculated that the next region to be added would be the long-awaited chasm, which is already present on the current in-game map of Teyvat. However, it seems that miHoYo’s plans have changed and Chasm’s arrival has once again been delayed. However, players will be able to explore a completely different region under the name of Enkanomiya. A post on the Genshin Impact The Leaks subreddit revealed that the region will function similarly to the limited Archipelago region that players had the chance to explore in the 1.6 update.

the Genshin Impact 1.6 The Golden Apple Archipelago region brought a new experience that brought back one of the main draws of the game, which is exploration. Running around, finding secrets, and exploring the story behind the islands were some of the most enjoyable content players had experienced in the game so far. This region introduced the game’s first costumes as well as the first repeat of the Klee Banner. The islands of the archipelago were accessible only by using a special type of transport which was a small ship. This travel system could be used in the next region of Enkanomiya, which would make sense since, to get to Inazuma, players need to set sail.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5 with a Switch version in development.

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