Michael Jordan’s ‘CATCH 23’ Boat Takes Lead in Big Rock Dolphin Class

On the first day of fishing at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, Michael Jordan’s boat ‘CATCH 23’ took the lead in the Dolphin category by landing a 25-pound Dolphin. Winning the Dolphin category in Big Rock pays off $529,000.

This is the second consecutive year that Jordan has entered his boat in the famous Big Rock Tournament. Based in Morehead City, North Carolina, Big Rock was established in 1957 and features some of the best sport anglers on the East Coast. The annual event draws large crowds of sports fans of all types to Morehead City each year to witness some of the largest catches of Atlantic blue marlin in North America.

Check out photos of Jordan and crew with the Dolphinfish below:

The Jordan boat “CATCH 23” is an 84ft fishing yacht manufactured and designed by Viking Yachts. Based in Jupiter, Florida, the cost of Jordan’s boat is estimated at $8 million, according to SuperYachtFan.com. ‘CATCH 23’ is powered by MTU engines and has a top speed of 40 knots and a range of over 500nm. The yacht can accommodate eight guests and a crew of two.

The boat bears Jordan’s signature elephant skin print which is also on his private jet. The elephant skin print was used on the Jordan 3s sneakers.

Jordan’s ‘CATCH 23’ captain this week for Big Rock is Stetson Turney

The Big Rock Tournament takes place over six days in June. Boats can only fish on four of the six days, the other two are called “laying days”.

In the 2020 Big Rock Tournament, ‘CATCH 23’ reeled in a 442.3 pound blue marlin. In a post-capture interview with Big Rock TV in 2020, Jordan talked about his love for the state of North Carolina and the North Carolina coast and how much he enjoys having the opportunity to return to his state. of origin.

“I’m always looking for an excuse to be back in North Carolina,” Jordan said. “…It’s a chance to come home. I love coming home.”

“I would love to be back with a little bigger fish,” added the ever-competitive Jordan. Jordan and his crew didn’t finish in the winnings last year,

Jordan felt the love from the local crowd. “I always feel like North Carolina comes out to support their stars,” said the former UNC guard and 1982 national champion.

Jordan’s ties to North Carolina and the North Carolina coast are clear. The greatest of all time played his high school basketball at Laney High School in Wilmington before a decorated three-year career at UNC, which included a national championship in 1982 and two All-American first-team honors in 1983 and 1984. He was the National Player of the Year in 1984 and was drafted by the No. 3 overall Chicago Bulls later that year.

Jordan won six NBA titles with the Bulls and was a 14-time NBA All-State, five-time NBA MVP and six-time NBA Finals MVP.

Known for his love of gambling, golf and other sporting pursuits, it’s no surprise that Jordan has an interest in high-level fishing. And the Big Rock Tournament is as big as it gets.

Since the tournament began in 1957, Big Rock has slowly become kRecognized as the premier marlin fishing spot on the East Coast. The success and growth of the Fishing Tournament has caught the attention of the fishing community on the North Carolina coast.

As the Gulf Stream drifts north along the North Carolina coast, it passes through a structure on the continental shelf called “Big Rock” from which the tournament takes its name. The Big Rock – which is not a rock at all – is a series of ledges, peaks and plateaus that covers an area approximately 8-10 miles long by 1 mile wide. It’s a haven for small reef fish – the type of fish that attract the larger fish that blue marlin feast on. It’s a microcosm of the ocean food chain just a short distance from the Morehead City waterfront.

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