Karve Vs. Drakkar – Which boat is better?

Valheim, or as people like to call it, The Viking Simulator, is a game where you can explore a vast procedurally generated purgatory made up of different biomes. Each biome has its own resources, aggressive creatures, weather, and bosses, so to fully experience everything Valheim has to offer, you’ll need to explore them all.

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And while each world seed in Valheim is vastly different, usually you’ll spawn on an island that contains one or two biomes. This pushes players to explore the surroundings, and since each piece of land is divided by the ocean biome, you’ll need to build a boat and learn how to sail. Of course, boats will have different characteristics depending on their type. In Valheim, there are only three types of ships: Raft, Karve and Drakkar. Since the raft is the first one you can build, it’s a great option to start with, but it won’t hold up long term and shouldn’t even be considered an actual ship. So take a look at the remaining options to see which is best for you.


ten General Speed: Drakkar

The first thing you need to measure when comparing boats is their speed. Although larger and therefore heavier, its large sails make the Drakkar the fastest boat overall, reaching speeds of up to 33.5 km/h at full speed.

This makes it the ideal vessel for hunting snakes in the ocean biome or escaping them, although the Karve can also accomplish the latter, but only if it has the wind in its favor.

9 Paddling Speed: Karve

As mentioned above, the Longship is usually the fastest. Yet, without the power of her sails and with the wind against her, the best vessel in terms of paddling speed is undoubtedly the Karve, which can reach a paddling speed of 11.5 km/h, which, combined to its small size, sets it apart. in this category.

8 Storage: Longship

In addition to being the fastest, the Longship also has the largest storage, 18 slots available for all sorts of items the player needs to transport across the sea. And the Karvé? Well, this one only has four slots available.

7 Crafting Difficulty: Karve

Just look at everyone’s recipe to know that the materials for the Drakkar are more difficult to obtain than those needed for the Karve. Yet both require the player to have a foundry beforehand.

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The Karve requires x30 Fine Wood, 10x Deer Hide, 20x Resin and x80 Bronze Nails, which means the player has to move through the Black Forest and Grassland biomes, kill lots of Greydwarves and Deer, mine a lot of tin and copper ore. to create bronze, craft a bronze ax to get the fine wood and craft bronze for 80 bronze nails. This is a recipe that takes effort but compared to the Drakkar recipe (x40 Ancient Wood, x10 Deer Hide, x40 Fine Wood and x100 Iron Nails and a trip to the Swamp biome) it’s easier to make .

6 Design: Drakkar

Although the Karve has its charm, no one can deny that the one with the best design is the Longship; this one looks and sounds like an authentic Viking ship, with the carved wood details and scratches you see in its sails, ready for battle and for conquering new territories.

5 Material Salvage: Karve

In Valheim, you can deconstruct many objects with the hammer, except for boats. So once you’ve built them, there’s no way to get your materials back. However, there is an alternative. You can destroy your boats using the axe, and the materials will automatically float for you to pick up, or they will sink in water. But be careful! Never do this in deep water, or the valuable materials will be lost forever in the deep ocean.

In the case of a longship, the feeling of helplessness that comes with losing 100 iron nails is something you’ll want to avoid. Recovering missing materials would probably be easier with the Karve, so with this ship it’s less risky to try this technique.

4 Durability: Longship

Unfortunately, the ships created in Valheim are not eternal. They all have a specific amount of health. In this aspect, and due to its rarer and tougher materials, the Longship has 1000 HP, which means it will last longer, withstanding the onslaught of tide and waves. Unlike the Karve which only has 500 HP.

3 Price: Karve

Here it is not about the price in parts that the materials may have, which cannot be bought, but about the figured price of all the effort necessary to make the boat from scratch. Ships take damage all the time, usually in unexpected ways.

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Thus, given the difficulty of manufacture, the Karve is the best option for its lower cost. Even if you want to have multiple ships, the ratio of Karves is twice the ratio of Longships, so the player can own one just for that reason. The loss of a Karve is not as painful for the Viking spirit as the loss of a Longship.

2 Size: Drakkar

This attribute can be somewhat subjective, as there are sure to be players who prefer the smaller ship, but if size matters, then the Longship wins by far.

This one is the largest of the three ships currently available in the game, measuring 22m long x 6m wide, twice the size of a Karve, which is only 10m long x 3m wide. large.

1 Protection: Karve

Because ships won’t last forever, every player’s worst nightmare is to see the item they spent all their time crafting shattered. That is why, when choosing a type of ship, you should take into account how easily it can be protected.

If the player comes up with different ways to protect their boat, like building some kind of fortress around the dock, the Karve wins in this category because it has a smaller size, and it will be a much easier boat to protect compared to the Drakkar much bigger.

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