In Response to New Congressional Map Lawsuits

In the entire existence of the state of Georgia, Republicans have only been able to draw the new congressional map twice: 2011 and 2021.

Prior to 2011, the Democrats were always in control.

Let that sink in, through slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, the KKK, the race protests and riots of the 50s and 60s, etc., etc., the left controlled the making of the maps and laws !

The core values ​​of Democrats are to divide us by skin color. They are race-baiters. They are a group of narcissistic bullies who must control our very lives at all costs.

And to this day, they still control black people by treating them like they’re too stupid to get IDs or support their own families without Democratic politics.

It took until the 2000s to turn this state of control from blue to freedom red.

Now, with the help of Hollywood’s move to Georgia, MSM’s social media and bias, and voter fraud (to name a few), this is going to slide back because the truth is censored!

I’ve watched my beautiful red home state of Colorado grow from a small town, a clean, friendly place to live, to a place I no longer recognize thanks to the crowds of Californians and New Yorkers who flock there are installed.

Ten years ago I moved here to Coweta County and felt like I had come home. In those 10 short years, I’ve seen the change I’ve seen here in Colorado. And it breaks my heart!

Pam Kupfner


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