How to use the map and navigate in Arma Reforger?

Arma Reforge finally came out as a surprise to everyone. This beginning, the game lacks essential elements that would be the origin of a full-fledged military scenario. However, its basic mechanics are there, allowing players to experience what a military simulation would look like. However, since you are new, you may not know how to navigate the territory and use the map properly, because this is not just an ordinary shooting game, but rather a real war scenario .

This is why navigation in this game is difficult unlike any other shooting game. This is where the compass comes in, and pressing “K” on your default keyboard will bring it to your attention. But how would you know exactly where you are right now? Well, let’s see below. Heading in the right direction is hard enough, so we’re here to help you learn how to do it right.

How to use the map and compass in Arma Reforger

As a newcomer, let’s say you appear somewhere you have no idea. Yes, it’s common sense to navigate with road signs and see what city you are in or at least near. But there’s an easier choice, and that’s to check the bottom right of the map. Check the picture below.

In this case, the map confirmed our deployment location, which was on a spawn vehicle just northeast of Pinewood Lake. In short, just pay attention to what the bottom right of the map says, as it updates based on your current location. If you are north, south, east, or west of Levie, you will be told your approximate location, so you can continue from there using your in-game compass.

Grid locations are something different, and you can think of them as X and Y coordinates. These coordinates can tell your exact location based on the numbers on the left and top of the map. For example, in the image above, we are located at Grid Location 049-064. It’s simple, and you have to get used to this mechanic unless the developer includes exact player positioning in a future update. Speaking of a military simulation, this is as close as it gets.

As for the legend of the map of Everon:

  • Long black lines are electric poles.
  • Small black dotted lines are a dirt road.
  • Narrow yellow lines are smaller paved roads.
  • Narrow brown lines represent a dirt road.
  • Thick yellow lines are the main paved roads.

Thanks to the two new game modes already available in the game, Conflictand Capture and keep, we can at least put ourselves against each other and conquer territories trying to win the war. Similar to Squad, this game requires you to capture multiple points of interest and capture the enemy team’s main base in order to win the game.

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