How to get and use a boat

Viking culture is ripe source material for the game: from the iconic helmets, beards and runes to the sense of freedom and danger that comes with the life of a wandering raider, there’s a lot to love about Vikings. Whether historically accurate or not, many games are happy to offer players the Viking way of life.

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However, the Vikings would never have earned their fearsome reputation had they been stuck in their own villages. It was the boats that enabled them to extend their influence, and in Tribes of Midgard, boats are vital for exactly the same reason. Allowing players to venture into unknown regions, discover new biomes and resources, and fight new enemies, boats are an integral part of the saga. Here’s everything players need to know about getting and using boats.


How to get a shipyard

Ships do not appear out of nowhere, at least in Tribes of Midgard. To craft a boat, the player will first need to start with crafting by creating a Shipyard. Unfortunately, this process is a little more complicated than simply gathering the necessary materials, picking a random location, and building.

The Shipyard can only be built in a certain biome: Ash’s Beach. The world of Tribes is procedurally generated, the player may have to do a bit of research to find this biome, but it’s usually not far from the player’s village. There may not be giants to kill there, but the player must always be on the lookout for danger.

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Once Ash Beach has been located, construction can begin. Build a Shipyard requires the following resources: 500 souls, 10 wooden planks, 6 wrought iron, and 2 old cores. The player will need his Handyman upgraded to Tier 3 in order to produce these resources, so upgrading should be a priority for players looking to set sail. Ancient Cores are more difficult to obtain because the player cannot simply build a Career to extract them. In place, Ancient Cores are dropped when the player kills a Giant, blue and white trolls, and some other enemies, so the player will need to be in fighting shape if they want a Shipyard.

How to Get and Navigate a Boat

Once the Shipyard is built, the player can get to work building a boat. You have the choice between three boats Midgard tribes, and which one the player needs will depend on whether or not they are playing solo or with others. Trying to go after the biggest boat while playing solo is a common mistake.

  • Faering’s ship costs 6 wooden boards and 3 pieces of yarn and can carry 1 player.
  • The Karve boat costs 9 wooden planks, 6 spun yarns, and 3 Silver and can carry 4 players.
  • The Drakkar boat costs 12 frozen pine bark, 9 spun yarn, 6 silver, and 3 gold and can carry 10 players.

With a ship built, the player can now set sail. To use the boat, go to the water, open the Build Menu, and select the ship. Then proceed through the water until the ship turns green, which means it can be placed. Once the ship has landed, the player can enter it by interacting with it. The player can now speed up the ship, slow it down, and rotate it at will. Solo players should beware: even if the player himself is heavily armored, the fairy boat has considerably less health than other ship types, so the player must be careful or risk losing their hard-earned ship to an untimely accident.

Tribes of Midgard is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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