How to build a boat and a water sail in Valheim?

You worked on a boat in Valheim and sailed?

There are many ways to play Valheim, and you’ll likely encounter each other along the way. You can take a ton of hours to roam the different biomes and battle creatures. Others spend most of their time building the base and making a home for their team. Learning to build boats and sail in Valheim, something everyone will need to do at some point.

It’s an alias for traveling to different islands, different species of birds, and different habitats. Although the portal is faster and more efficient later on, you will have to take a long time to reach the desired locations and sit on the portal. On the first attempt, you need to build a high-end ship to take care of the ship.

Do you want to go on a sea cruise? Check out our guide, which shows you how to build and navigate Valheim.

Valheim Boats

Sailing is an integral part of Norse mythology and culture. therefore it is appropriate that Valheim also covers this aspect. Boats and sailing are key parts of many other sports. Whether you’re traveling the world to fight bosses or just need to save up some extra cash, eventually you’ll have to board the ship and sail. If you are a novice, you won’t need a boat for a few days.

In Valheim, there are no three ship types currently available. A Raft, the Karve and the Drakkar are the only boats you need to build and sail in Valheim. In fact, there have been rumors for a long time that the developers are building a fleet in the future. Each ship has different weights, sizes and seat heights. Beginner users usually have to start with a basic raft to navigate, but after all you have to have an upgrade, longer trips will come.

What are you doing in Valheim?

In this article, we will cover the details of each boat built in Valheim and how to sail them.


Rafts are the smallest boats to sail in Valheim. They don’t have all the necessary items, so don’t bring too many items with you. Of the three ships, the slowest and even the least durable are the ones there. The main downside to rafts is that they are quite easy and expensive to build, so you can start working on them early in the game.

A raft only has 300 HP and can therefore be easily destroyed. You can’t take them to dangerous places. Otherwise, you will have to keep the issues fixed or create a new one. The rafts are 6 meters long, 4 meters wide and 8 meters high. They sail at a distance of 3.1m per second with 100% wind and 2.5m per second with 50% wind.

At half skets, the Rafts only sail at 2.2 meters per second with 100% wind and 1.7 meters per second with 50% tailwind. If you prefer to paddle instead of using her sails, you will only move at a millennium. Luckily, the rafts don’t capsize, so you can easily go into rough waters with them. Be careful not to get stuck on the rocks you hit, but they can get stuck.

To build the fence, you have twenty wood, six leather scraps and six resins. Combine materials on your workbench to make one.


The Karve is next on the list. This Viking Ship is a mid-sized ship called Valheims that has decent speed, limited storage, and a few seats. It has a lot more maneuverability than the Raft, great cruising feature for roughs and tights.

A Karve has 500 hp, almost double that of a Raft. They are 10 meters long, 3 meters wide and 8 meters high. This ship has 2 places, except for the pilot, so you can take pleasure in sailing at very high speed. People with big brains may need to return to work in order to continue working. The Karves also have four storage slots which do not take weight into account. We store your heaviest stuff here.

All sails out, a Karve sails at 7 meters per second, full wind, but at the risk of a heavy waterfall. At 5 hours of wind, it drops to 5.7 meters per second and 3.9 meters per second at 5 hours of wind. When using only half salts, you can cruise at 4.8mw at 100ft/hr and 4.1mw at 50ft/hr. If you prefer to paddle without a sail, you will move at 3am.

To build a Karve, you need 30 pieces of fine wood, 10 deer hides, 20 resins and 80 silver nails. Combine all of these materials with your Workbench to build this mid-sized ship.


The longest ship on the planet is Longship. Viking longships are probably the most famous ships in Norse mythology. The Drakkar is a large ship in Valheim, with its large storage capacity, high speed, and dribbling maneuverability due to its size. This boat is best for small groups of players who need to carry lots of materials.

Longships have a whopping 1000 HP, so they won’t survive long no matter where you are. They are 22 meters long, 6 meters wide and 12 meters high. There are four seats and the pilot, while everyone can stay on board for a quick distance. There are 18 shelves where you can pack the most expensive items.

In the open sea, the longships will sail at 9.5 meters per second in 100% wind and 7.45 meters per second in 50% wind. You will move at 6.7 meters per second at 100 degrees wind and 5.23 degrees wind at 50 degrees Celsius if you only use half sails. Paddling only moves you to 3.5.

He chose the right one for his sail in Valheim.

When it comes to choosing a ship, you will need to consider many factors. Beginners can settle for the Raft as it is very easy to build when it comes to the other side of the world. Depending on maneuverability, the Karve is the best option for you. It also has several headquarters and stores.

The Longship has significantly more storage and seating space and is considerably more durable than the Karve. This makes it perfect for large groups. Finding the best sailing experience in Valheim is crucial.

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