Here’s the full Halo Infinite map for the campaign

The Halo Infinite map is quite huge, a sizable section of the Zeta Halo ring that incorporates all sorts of enemies, objectives, and secrets to uncover along the way. Now that it’s an open world in Halo Infinite, understanding the map and how to navigate is more important than ever in the franchise. We’ve covered the full Halo Infinite map below, along with everything you need to know about it.

Halo Infinite Full Map

(Image credit: Xbox)

Here’s the full Halo Infinite map as it appears at the end of the game. You first start in the upper left corner, with story missions eventually leading down the left side, along the bottom to the right and possibly upwards and towards the right middle zone. However, it should be noted that almost the entire right corner is reserved for the final mission and is not an area that you can freely visit or explore outside of it.

The area you can fully explore is pretty much open as soon as you arrive. You are free to head in any direction and see what you can find. There are random banished encounters scattered around you, but key activities outside of the story focus on these key activities:

  • FOB – These are “Forward Operating Bases” that belonged to the UNSC but were taken over by the Banished. If you free them, they become bases you can use to restock and quickly move between them, as well as reveal map markers in the surrounding area.
  • Teams – There are many UNSC squads scattered around the Ring to rescue, which will unlock Valor, an in-game upgrade currency.
  • Targets – There are many high value banished targets you can find and kill. Doing so will net you a specialized, custom weapon and bravery.
  • Outposts – These are great banished bases that you can clean. Some are necessary for the story and some are not. Those without a story also function as fast travel points when captured.
  • Story Missions – Main story missions will take you slowly around the map in a counter-clockwise direction, although you are free to pause and move freely at any time between missions.

Generally, the best way to progress will be split between story missions as you progress through the map and claiming FOBs to both discover the point of interest and speed up travel.

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