Dun Laoghaire’s ISORA fleet of 13 boats prepare for the opening coastal race in strong winds on Saturday

Saturday’s weather forecast of 16-18 knots with gusts to 28, led ISORA to choose a shortened course for its first Dun Laoghaire Coastal Race of the 2022 season, the offshore body’s golden anniversary year. ‘Ireland.

An expected fleet of 13 made up of some of the best offshore sailors in the country will have a staggered start: departing at 10:00 a.m. BST for Class 2. Departing at 10:30 a.m. BST for Classes 0 and 1. with the aim of consolidating the boats at the arrival.

In class zero, ISORA champion Rockabill VI is in training with Howth’s Samatom, the Coastal Division winner of last year’s Sovereign’s Cup at Kinsale.

Three Sunfast 3600s, Searcher, Yoyo and Hot Cookie will face off in a four-boat Class 1 battle. Five will compete in class two including two Sigma 33 and two First 34.7

The ISORA entry list for the first Dun Laoghaire coastal race on Saturday

The 30-mile course is expected to take the fleet to Kish Bank at the entrance to Dublin Bay, then into Wicklow waters to leave the Bray Outfall buoy in port.

The ISORA courseThe ISORA course

The full course is:

  • Usual departure from Dun Laoghaire to Dun Laoghaire Outfall Buoy 53 18.404N 6 8.348W
  • Muglins (P) 53 16.515N 6 4.550W
  • Bray Emissary (P) 53 13.254N 6 4.485W
  • North Kish (S) 53 18.560N 5 56.423W
  • East Kish (S) 53 14.343N 5 53.595W
  • Bray outlet (S) 53 13.254N 6 4.485W
  • Muglins (P) 53 16.515N 6 4.550W
  • Usual Dun Laoghaire finish between the roundheads. 53 18.145N 6 7.619W

The race is part of the ISORA Viking Marine Coastal Series 2022. Jack Ryan Whiskey is the race sponsor. There will be a Jack Ryan Whiskey prize giving during the post-sail at the National Yacht Club after the race.

Pwllheli Coastal Race

On Saturday there is also a Pwllheli coast race. Eight boats will participate from the Welsh port.

ISORA Welsh Coastal Race – possible route: ODM – Madog Fairway – Eurwyn - St.Tudwal's – Plas HeliISORA Welsh Coastal Race – possible route: ODM – Madog Fairway – Eurwyn – St.Tudwal’s – Plas Heli

The course is:

  • Departure (Line PSC – ODM to starboard)
  • Pwllheli Fairway 52 53.000N 004 23.000W (S)
  • Madog Fairway 52 52.70N 004 11.200W (S)
  • Eurwyn 52 47.00N 004 22.000W (S)
  • St Tudwals Island (E and W including Carreg Y Trai Buoy) (S)
  • Arrival (Line Plas Heli – Fairway Pwllheli to Starboard)

Sailing instructions for both races can be downloaded below

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