China has released a new geological map of the Moon | by slashdotted | June 2022

The most complete map of the Moon has now been generated

New Moon Map of China: Shedding Light on the History of the Lunar Surface

Credit: Jinzhu Ji et al.

The world’s first 1/2.5 million lunar geological map was developed by Chinese experts.

According to China Central Television, the map offers substantial fundamental data for lunar scientific study and is an essential new reference for the construction of other celestial geological maps (CCTV).

The new map includes information about the Moon’s surface layers, structure, lithology, timeline, and a timeline of lunar volcanoes and asteroid impacts.

“The team proposed and established a new lunar geological chronology based on data from the Chinese Lunar Project Change and other international lunar exploration research, as well as the study of strata, morphology, composition, of the structure and geological age of the surface of the Moon.”

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

More details can be found in the Science Bulletin article “The 1:2,500,000 scale geological map of the global Moon”, which can be found at /abs/pii/S2095927322002316.

The map includes 12,341 impact craters, 81 impact basins, 17 different rock types and 14 different structure types, all vital for scientific study, exploration planning and landing site selection on the moon.

The map is available in paper and computer format in Chinese and English.

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this is the most comprehensive study to date (CAS).

The map was generated by Chinese scientists from the CAS Institute of Geochemistry and other research institutes and universities using data from the Change project and other data and research results from overseas organizations.

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