Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes in 2022

Since the launch of Fortnite’s Creative mode, players around the world have been going wild with creativity. Whether it’s team deathmatches or prop hunting with friends or even a training course to hone your skills, Creative mode is home to some of the best creations. So why not share them? Here are some of the best Fortnite Creative Card Codes in 2022:

The visit – Biohazard

A parody of Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, this map does an excellent job of capturing the sinister essence and atmosphere that gave Resident Evil 7 its thrilling enjoyment. Even in Fortnite, things can still look dark and scary. It was the amount of detail and time put into this map that helped her make the list.

Card code: 6496-9997-4696

Toy Story Prop Hunt

What’s better than an ordinary Prop Hunt match? A Prop Hunt match inspired the movie, Toy Story. This map places players in Andy’s room from the movie hiding in the form of various props scattered around the room. What makes this map really special is the scaling of the room that makes the characters themselves look like toys. If payers are looking for a high quality Prop Hunt, look no further.

Card code: 5530-6235-0681

Parkour level 500

what makes 500 Level Parkour a great Deathrun is that this map gives players the ability to farm XP. This map gives players different opportunities to gain experience while playing the map as originally intended. For each level completed, XP can be earned. The map also houses secret rooms for extra XP.

Card code 8557-1101-3509.

Ultimate Editing and Aiming Course

The Ultimate Edit and Aim course is perfect for players to brush up on their Fortnite skills. With over 45 practice sections, this map is ideal for practicing building and combat scenarios.

Card code: 9368-1814-9691

box fight [1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4]

Whether it’s 1v1 or even 4v4, this map is amazing for BoxFight Duels. Whether it’s training and playing competitively or just honing your tactics and skills, Box Fight is the best place to be.

Card code: 0377-0055-2829

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