Ark Ragnarok Resource Map Guide

You’ll find plenty of resources scattered around the Ark Ragnarok map. Sometimes it can be difficult for you to find resources and you have to check different guides for different resources.

To solve this problem, we have created this Ark Ragnarok resource map guide for you so that you can find the location of all resources in one guide.

Ark Ragnarok Resource Map

We’ve mentioned the coordinates of every major and minor resource you can find in Ark Ragnarok along with a map image, highlighting the general area where said resource can be found.

oil veins

The best places to farm Oil Veins in Ark Ragnarok are listed below.

Location #1: 83.1°, 27.7°

This vein of oil is located in the lower left corner of the map. You have to break rocks to install an oil pump here. It will give you a steady supply of oil in Ark Ragnarok.

Location #2: 82.0°, 80.3°

In the Ragnarok desert area, you will find four oil veins close to each other. This is a great location if you are looking for a single site to meet your oil needs in Ark Ragnarok.


The best places to farm Rockarrot in Ark Ragnarok are listed below.

Ark Ragnarok Rockarrot Resource Map

Location #1: 19.8°, 82.9°

These coordinates will lead to a farm in Ark Ragnarok. Here you can grow a lot of Rockarrot and Savoroot without facing any danger.

Location #2: 20.4°, 77.9°

In the highlands of Ark Ragnarok, you will find another farm after reaching the coordinates mentioned above. You can farm a fair amount of Rockarrot just by using your hands.

Bee hives and honey

Some of the best places to farm honey in Ark Ragnarok are marked on the map below.

Honey Ark Ragnarok Resource Map

Location #1: 31.8°, 29.5°

In the rocky cliffs area, you will find the bee hive in a crack between large rocks at the coordinates mentioned above.

Location #2: 50.8°, 37.5°

This hive is located right next to the green obelisk. After reaching the coordinates mentioned above, if you look towards the green obelisk, you will spot this hive of bees on the rock right in front of you.

Silica deposits

Silica deposits are located at the locations shown on the map below.

Ark Ragnarok Silica Resource Map

Location #1: 22°, 36°

It’s an underwater cave in Vikings Bay. You will find its entrance near the sunken ship. Inside the cave, you will discover a deposit of incandescent silica beads.

Location #2: 33°, 44°

This is another cave you will find in Pelagornis Bay. This cave has shallow water, so you don’t need a lot of oxygen to collect the Silica Beads.

black pearls

The best locations to farm black pearls in Ark Ragnarok are marked on the map.

Ark Ragnarok Black Pearl Resource Map

Location #1: 70°, 21°

It is an underwater location in the southwest region of Ragnarok. Once you reach it, you will find lots of black pearls.

Location #2: 47°, 4°

After reaching the coordinates mentioned above, you will find a lot of Tusoteuthis. Just kill them and you will get a lot of black drop pearls.


All crystal spawn locations are marked on the map.

Ark Ragnarok Crystal Resource Map

Location #1: 32.1°, 55.8°

In the Volcano Motherload you can find a lot of crystals after reaching the coordinates mentioned above.

Location #2: 30.3°, 34.8°

After entering the ice cave, you will find a good deposit of crystals inside.


The map below will cover all the places where you can find rich metal deposits.

Location #1: 1°, 2°

It is a metal-rich place where you will find over 30 metal nodes. A mining drill is the best option to collect metal faster.

Location #2: 8°, 3°

This location is right between the redwoods and the mountains. Here you will find about 15 metal knots.

Cementing paste

All areas where you can find beaver dams are marked on the map below.

Location #1: 38°, 75°

In the redwood forest, near the snow biome, you will find many beaver dams. You can also follow the river downhill to locate other beaver dams.

Location #2: 62°, 35°

It’s a small stream just south of the green obelisk. Here you will find a chain of small streams with numerous beaver dams. You can collect a lot of cementation paste from here.


All the places where you can find obsidian in Ark Ragnarok are marked on the map.

Location #1: 8°, 5°

At the top of a cliff, if you move towards the edge, you will see many obsidian knots scattered around the ridge.

Location #2: 0°, 8°

It’s a cave, and inside you’ll find many Obsidian Knots. The best thing about it is that you won’t encounter any dangerous creatures inside.


The map below shows all the locations where you can find the sulfur deposits in Ark Ragnarok.

Location #1: 24.2°, 70.9°

These coordinates will take you to the Wyvern Trench, near the Lava. Here you will find many Brimstone Nodes as you advance through the Wyvern Trench.

Location #2: 84.2°, 31.8°

It’s a small island near the Green Obelisk, where you can find many Sulfur Nodes. The best thing is that you will not encounter any dangerous predators here.

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