Aaron Rodgers retires from the NFL: “The ride stops and you have to get off”

Anearly 17 seasons with the Green Bay Packersquarterback Aaron Rodgers could, in his own words, experience his final moments as a star at Lambeau Field.

Rodgers sees the end very near

After getting a week off in the playoffs by being the NFC’s number one seed in the regular season following Sunday Night Football’s last win over the Minnesota Vikings, Rodgers sat down to speak, as has become the custom, on The Pat McAfee Show.

At some point the ride stops and you have to get off

Aaron Rodgers

“I grew up in a small town and have lived in places no one has ever heard of. When I came to Green Bay I knew it would be a good marriage and I am so grateful to have had an amazing 17 years here, ”said Rodgers. “I have devoted a large part of my life to this game and at some point the journey stops and you have to get off. I tried to stay in the present this year and I focused on this team and these guys. “

Lions plans

The Packers are 13-3 and play the game of week 18 at the home of the Detroit Lions remaining, with nothing to play for, there has been speculation about giving “A-Rod” a few weeks off that would include the aforementioned game in “Motor City” and the rest that they will have in the week of jokers to heal the pain in his fractured toe, however, this idea is not the quarterback’s favorite.

“The plan is to play on Sunday. I believe in the momentum and I think it’s important for us to keep that momentum going,” Rodgers said.

Breaking the curse of the Lambeau field

For Rodgers, the road to Super Bowl LVI will pass through Lambeau Field, the mythical stadium of the Packers who could not take him to the NFL Championship Game, since when he was crowned in the XLV edition, the antasela title took place at Soldier Field when they won the George Halas Trophy beat the Chicago Bear.

Green Bay lost two NFC Championship Games home team with Aaron Rodgers as quarterback, Seattle Seahawks in January 2015 and last season at Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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