You can now board a cruise ship from Toronto to New York

With Pearson Airport a mess lately and constant reports of canceled or delayed flights, you might be looking for a stress-free way to travel from Toronto to your favorite destinations.

Viking Cruises Canada now offers a 13 day luxury cruise which starts here in Toronto and takes you all the way to New York.

The cruise ideally begins in the 6ix and sails along the St. Lawrence River to admire all of its locks, canals and channels.

Your first stop on the cruise is in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, where you’ll have the chance to hike through scenic La Mauricie National Park.

Cruise route from Toronto to New York. Photo credit: Viking Cruises Canada

Then, you’ll be dropped off directly in Quebec’s capital, Quebec, where you can explore countless historic sites, such as Place Royale, or indulge in the city’s delicious cuisine.

Then you will sail to Saguenay, Quebec where you can visit the Saguenay Fjord, one of the ten longest fjords in the world with a massive glacial valley 126 km long.

On the seventh day, you will travel to Sept-Îles, Quebec, where you can go salmon fishing in the Moisie River or even whale watching.

Next, you will visit Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec, where you will have the opportunity to look for seals and birds on Brion Island.

On day nine, you’ll arrive in Prince Edward Island, where you can experience the province’s beautiful sandy beaches, sample world-class seafood, or visit quaint farms.

Then you’ll spend a full day at sea before arriving in Halfiax, Nova Scotia. On Day 11, you can visit Nova Scotia’s iconic sites or hike the Lighthouse Route to Peggy’s Cove.

After spending another full day on the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll finally make your grand arrival in the Big Apple, where you can see the Statue of Liberty, grab a slice of pizza in New York City, or spend a relaxing day in Central Park.

Traveling this luxuriously will by no means be cheap, as the 13-day cruise will set you back at least $11,695 depending on your day of departure.

Many dates for this cruise are available in 2023however, with two dates in May and two more in August.

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