Worldle: The Wordle Pun-Derived Country Map Explained, How to Play the Geographic Version – and Globle

If you’re more of a cartographer than a lexicographer, Worldle could be the Wordle spin-off for you!

At this point, Wordle is likely to play just as important a role in your daily routine as your morning ablutions or that first bowl of cereal.

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There really is something for everyone: a cycling-based version that gets you naming pro-riders? Bike. A digital version for the most mathematicians? It will be Nerdle.

Now geography nerds are having their time in the sun, as a new variant that lets players guess landmasses, countries, and territories has hit the web.

What is Worldle?

Worldle works pretty much the same as Wordle (it’s going to be a reading nightmare).

Only, instead of trying to find the five-letter solution in six attempts or less, we are working here with the countries.

Players see the silhouette of a country or territory and can start guessing (or apply their geographic knowledge) to find the answer.

Each guess must be a valid country or territory. After each trial, you will receive the distance between your guess and the target country, the direction relative to your guess and the proximity between your guess and the solution.

How can I play it?

It looks a bit more complicated than Wordle when written, but in reality Worldle is quite simple to understand.

Who created it?

The new version – which was “heavily inspired by Wordle created by Josh Wardle” – was created by @teuteuf, a web developer from Vincennes, in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

How is it different from Globle?

Worldle is similar to Globle, another geographic spin-off from Wordle.

The difference is that Globle only reports how close your guess is to the target country by highlighting the area you entered in a shade of red.

The darker the red, the closer you are to finding the answer.

While Worldle can give you more hints, it doesn’t display them as visually, so it’s arguably a tougher challenge.

Both are great fun, so worth checking out! You can play Globle here.

What other versions of Wordle are there?

For many gamers, one Wordle a day just isn’t enough – fortunately, there are plenty of spin-off games you can turn your attention to.

Wordle creator Josh Wardle said he “loves” the seemingly endless amount of spinoffs the game has created.

Talk to Slate, Wardle said, “As someone who creates things, to see people so inspired by something you’ve created that they want to riff on it, it’s amazing. It makes me feel so good.

Absurdle bills itself as an “adversarial version” of the game, with a much more complicated style of play; where Wordle only has one correct answer for all players on a daily basis, Absurdle’s winning word actually changes with each guess.

  • We’ve rounded up 11 more of our favorite Wordle variations here.

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