Where to find the Siofra River Map Fragment

To access the Siofra River map in Elden Ring, Ternished must find the region’s map fragment hidden somewhere deep underground.

The River Siofra is a serene subterranean place found beneath Limgrave, and like other areas of Ring of Elden, the Siofra River requires a Map Fragment key item to become visible on the player’s map. To enter the underground area, the Terni must travel to the Siofra River Well, located northeast of the Mistwood Ruins and far east of Grace’s starting site, The First Step. After arriving at the well, use the elevator inside to descend vertically into Ring of Elden in the depths of the basement.

After the fairly long elevator ride, players will arrive in the Siofra River and can activate the Site of Grace at the entrance. Some places are dimly lit in this area, so it is recommended that tarnishes hold a torch if they have trouble seeing where they are going. From the elevator, go down the path to the left of the initial ruins. Stay close to the wall and keep moving forward. Players will encounter several enemies along the way, but it’s easy to quickly outrun them on Torrent. Ahead, players will notice a waterfall with an entrance on the right. Go up the stairwell and activate the elevator using the lever on the right.


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Once the elevator arrives, ride it up to the next level of the Siofra River. From there, go up the stream collecting the various materials of Ring of Elden along the way. After going a little further, players will enter an area with beautiful landscapes resembling constellations. Before moving forward, take a moment to use the grace site sitting to the left of the path.

Elden Ring Siofra River Map Fragment Guide

Elden Ring Siofra River Map Fragment Guide

From the Site of Grace, Terni will notice a staircase lined with pillars in the distance. Head up the stairs to find a corpse to loot leaning against the first pillar on the right. Pick up the glowing object to receive the Siofra River Map Fragment. With this obtained key object, Ring of Elden fans will now be able to see the entire underground map of the Siofra River.

Among the stairwell pillars near the Map Fragment, players will notice that a single pillar is lit with a flame in it. Ring of Elden. These pillars are connected to altars on the Siofra River map, and once they’ve all been lit, the Ancestor Spirit boss fight will become accessible. When players explore the area of ​​these pillars of flame, they should be aware of the dangerous archers scattered around the environment, as they can quickly clear out any unconscious Tarnish.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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