Vikings sign stopper Dalvin Tomlinson to negotiate price

The Minnesota Vikings brought a huge stop to Dalvin Tomlinson.

Tomlinson had previously said he wanted to stay in New York. Yet in a move that mirrors the one Linval Joseph made just a few years ago, Tomlin fended off the Giants for the Minnesota Vikings, where he will play alongside an elite defensive lineman in Daniele Hunter. However, Hunter has recently made it clear that he wants more money or a trade with the Twin Cities.

According to Ian Rapoport, Tomlinson has signed for two years at $ 11 million per season, which isn’t a bad price for a player expected to reach Pro Bowl heights. Tomlinson had just come out of his rookie contract and cashed a short-term contract.

New York Giants missed it all by letting Dalvin Tomlinson join the Vikings

Tomlinson got $ 20 million guaranteed in said contract, and the short-term aspect of it allows him to return to free agency at the age of 29. This allows him to cash in another contract while he is still young enough to reap the benefits.

Just days ago, Tomlinson said he never wanted to leave New York.

“When you’re drafted by a team you always see yourself there because it’s your home,” Tomlinson said at the time. “So of course I see myself there and would be more than happy to stay there.” But it’s a business and with the cork space [situation], I just have to take it one day at a time. But I still see it as a possibility for me to be a New York giant for life.

So what has changed? Ultimately, money speaks.

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