VALORANT shares another teaser for the Lisbon, Portugal map

VALORANTS Episode 5, Act 1 is set to launch soon, and the next major update is set to release a new map set in Lisbon, Portugal. Riot Games has shared another teaser for what looks to be next VALORANTS card, and it is visually stunning!

Portugal VALORANT Card
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Credit: Riot Games

Portugal VALORANT Card

The update comes from the official VALORANTS social media pages, and this gives us a look at what appears to be the eighth tactical shooter card. The short music video shows a party town with bright lights and colorful backdrops. On one of its walls, you can see the familiar “Dio Do Santuario” poster that Riot Games shared last week. .

According to Twitter user @gaberillaz’s English translation, the poster’s message (from top to bottom) reads:

Celebrate our city, the wonder under the waves.

Sanctuary Day.

Kingdom Industries, your future is secure

Based on the game’s teasers and leaks, the next VALORANTS The map will be set in Lisbon, Portugal, on Omega Earth, and it’s depicted as a geo-dome with water features and Portugal’s familiar yellow trams.

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Riot did not share any additional details for the upcoming VALORANTS card, but with the next big VALORANTS Set to launch next week, expect more details to arrive later this week. There will likely be an early access event for content creators and streamers to test out the new map.

If you want to know more, you can read everything we know about the next VALORANT map here.

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