Valheim: how to get on the Lox

Valheim players who want to enjoy the Lox Saddle from the new Hearth and Home update can refer to this guide for help.

valheim lox saddle

ValheimHearth and Home’s update brought a new layer to the Viking survival game. One of the most interesting of these additions is the Lox saddle. An aggressive and large animal of the plains biome, the Lox in Valheim acquired a new purpose with this creation. With the Lox saddle, a tame Lox can be used as a means of transportation.

But crafting a Lox saddle and taming these beasts can be quite a challenge. Especially for players who have just entered the plains biome in their Valheim player. For those looking to tame the Lox and ride them, this guide is here to help.


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How to tame a Lox

The plains biome in Valheim is accessible at any time of the game but players must defeat Moder, the fourth boss of Valheim, in order to make the Lox saddle. In order to tame a Lox, players must feed it barley, cloudberry, or flax over a period of time.

All three of these plants can be found scattered throughout the Plains biome, but barley and flax are most commonly found in Fuling villages throughout the region.

tamed lox in valheim

Any of these will do and once the Lox has eaten the first food the taming process will begin. Hearts will appear around the Lox and approaching the animal will reveal when it needs more food and how tame it has become. The Lox themselves are naturally aggressive towards players and can destroy almost any wooden structure. This means that walling the Lox with stone makes it easier to tame it. Valheim.

How to make a Lox saddle

To create this, players must defeat the fourth boss of Valheim: Moderator. This boss’s death drops 10 dragon tears that allow players to build a table of craftsmen. The Craftsman Table allows players to build the Blast Furnace and Spinning Wheel needed to craft the materials required for the Lox Saddle.

valheim making a lox saddle

The recipe for a Lox saddle requires 20 scraps of leather, 20 threads of linen and 15 black metals. The first ingredient comes from killing the boar in the game. As mentioned before, flax can be found in the villages of Fuling and can be placed in a spinning wheel in order to craft flax thread. Black Metal Debris is dropped by the Fuling and can be found in chests in the Plains Biome. Once gathered, this material can be turned into Black Metal when combined with Coal in a Blast Furnace.

How to ride a Lox

Once players have a Lox saddle on them, they can finally ride their tame Lox. Place the Lox saddle in one of the hotkey numbered locations and use that number when you are near the Lox. Players will be able to see the Lox saddle immediately appear on the animal. Now all that’s left for players to do is aim for the saddle and click. This places the player on top of the Lox and allows them to lead it.

ride a lox in valheim

Riding a Lox is similar to walking in Valheimopen world. The Lox will go where the player is aiming; players just have to move it forward. Unfortunately, players cannot use melee or ranged attacks while riding the Lox, but it still functions as a form of transport. It is a relatively slow animal but can certainly take a hit. Fortunately, the screen will also show the health and mood of the Lox.

Valheim is now available in Early Access on PC.

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