Total War: Warhammer 3’s campaign map looks better than ever

I don’t know my Warhammer from my Warlathe, Warchisel or Warphillipsheadscrewdriver. You, you might watch the Total War: Warhammer III campaign map reveal trailer and think, “My God, what a beautiful rendering of the house of Katarin Bokha, the Ice Queen of Kislev.” Me, I just like it for the nice textures and the foggy effects.

This is our first look at the Warhammer 3 campaign map, which covers territory “from the frozen wastes of Kislev to the murderous Mountains of Tears and the isolated lands of Grand Cathay”.

The map looks much larger and more detailed than Warhammer 2’s. Trees are less flat, mountain ranges are dotted with details such as giant skeletal rib cages, wide rivers running through the terrain, and there’s variety as it stretches from snow-capped plains to lava-flowing mountains.

Creative Assembly is showing more and more T-War War-h 3 as it nears its February 17 release date. Last week they revealed Slaneesh’s excited army, armed with crabs. There’s still a lot we haven’t seen yet, including how the game will combine with the previous two for a new Mortal Empires equivalent. Can this new landmass really merge with the old one?

Totes Warhams 3 will launch on February 17 via Steam, Epic, and on PC Game Pass on day one.

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