Souhan: Packers fans paid a heavy price with Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre

After watching the Green Bay Packers perform stellar quarterbacking play toward 13 more regular season wins and another playoff appearance in 2021, it’s time to pick up the familiar Vikings fan lament:

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have been the only quarterbacks atop Green Bay’s depth chart since 1992 and… it’s such a shame the Vikings got stuck with one of those guys.

Somehow, the Packers have only won two Super Bowls since 1992 despite that advantage over the rest of the league for three decades. The Patriots only benefited from Tom Brady for two decades and made much better use of having a dominant player in that position.

The price of the Packers’ two Super Bowls: Egomania, manipulation, off-court embarrassment and plenty of playoff failures.

Packers fans will argue that the Vikings and their fans have no right to criticize a franchise that has acquired great quarterbacks and won two Super Bowls. They are right. The Vikings’ decades-long mark of mediocrity is due to a failure to do exactly what the Packers did with Favre and Rodgers, and the Vikings’ best chance of winning a Super Bowl may have come when Favre led the Vikings in 2009.

As Rodgers cynically trolls his franchise and the public for a second straight offseason, after a season in which he lied about his vaccination status and missed a game because of a positive COVID test, the question for fans of the Packers is: aren’t you tired of this?

Favre played for the Vikings for two seasons.

He stabbed Brad Childress, the guy who brought him in, and didn’t seem fully committed to his second season, which was a disaster for the franchise.

Off the pitch, Favre allegedly sent unwanted graphic photos of himself to a secondary reporter. Last year, he was forced to repay $600,000 in welfare he accepted for speeches he didn’t give, in a fraudulent scheme.

In his home state, one of the poorest states in America.

Media reported in November that Favre still owed the state $228,000 in interest.

Favre made the 2009 season a thrill, but how can anyone in Wisconsin or Minnesota feel good about cheering on this guy?

Favre gave way to Rodgers, who was initially a sympathetic figure in Green Bay due to his slip on draft day and Favre’s disdain for him.

Now Rodgers is a proud anti-vax disinformation artist who refused to work with his team last offseason and is dragging out his decision for next season. We don’t know if he’ll return to the Packers, force a trade or retire, and that’s how he wants it.

It’s not enough for Rodgers that Green Bay made him rich and backed him up with exceptional talent and coaching. The Packers’ audacity in drafting what they hoped would be the next Aaron Rodgers led to an almost unprecedented level of pettiness.

The Vikings have been stuck in a competitive rut – too good to start over and rebuild, not good enough to make a realistic run at a Super Bowl title.

The Packers, with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, are also stuck, even though they are on a higher level.

Let’s not forget what Rodgers did at the start and end of the 2021 season:

In Week 1, he drove in three runs in the season opener after failing to prepare in the offseason.

In the Packers’ first playoff game, he drove in 10 runs in a loss.

The Packers are doing everything they can to keep Rodgers.

Considering all the trouble he’s caused them, you have to wonder if that has more to do with Jordan Love’s slow development than Rodgers’ talent.

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