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The Motor Boat Awards are here, with the winners revealed during our virtual ceremony today at 4pm (GMT). Here is a reminder of all the finalists…

The Motor Boat Awards are back and as our list of finalists reveals, the competition is hotter than ever!

The easing of travel restrictions over the summer of 2021 has allowed us to test a much wider selection of craft than last year, so we have also increased the number and scope of categories to accommodate this influx. new models.

For the first time ever, we’ve split the sport boat category into boats up to 30ft and boats over 30ft to reflect the growing popularity of this burgeoning market segment.

We have also introduced a new category of SUVs (Sports Utility Vessels) to cover the latest generation of sporty yet practical wheelhouse cruisers.

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As always, each boat in our shortlist of finalists has been thoroughly tested at sea by our world-class team of highly experienced and unbiased boat testers and judged solely on its ability to meet or exceed customer expectations.

This is why these awards are so appreciated by current and future boat owners as well as the builders themselves.

How can I watch the Motor Boat Awards 2022?

Like last year, the Motor Boat Awards will be broadcast live on, in a virtual event with the support of our sponsors Sleipnerwhich means everyone is welcome.

Click on the player below and select Unmute to hear what the judges had to say.

2022 Motor Boat Awards Finalists

Follow the links below to see our reviews and videos of the 2022 Motor Boat Awards finalists.

Sports boats up to 30 feet

Sports boats over 30 feet


sports cruisers up to 45 feet

sports cruisers more than 45 feet

Flybridges up to 60 feet

Flybridges more than 60 feet

Custom yachts

In addition to the 8 categories above, we will also be giving out a special judges award and a customer service award.

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