SB Nation Reacts: The roller coaster ride continues

I’m pretty sure I managed to miss our SB Nation Reacts last week, and it’s my fault. We will take the wagon back this week. . .or, as is always the case with our reactions to the Minnesota Vikings, we’ll be back on the roller coaster.

Confidence in the team actually rose a bit after the win over Green Bay, soaring to 59% as the team rose to .500 again. However, they followed that up with a loss to San Francisco and. . .well, you know what that means.

Yes, the drop is real, as confidence in the team has dropped back to 14%. Here’s the full rundown of all of this season’s results so far.

  • To post-2021 NFL Draft: 96%
  • Week 1: 61%
  • Week 2: 34%
  • Week 3: 38%
  • Week 4: 76%
  • Week 5: 14%
  • Week 6: 24%
  • Week 7: 36%
  • Week 8: 54%
  • Week 9: 2%
  • Week 10: 5%
  • Week 11: 21%
  • Week 12: 59%
  • Week 13: 14%

It will be interesting to see the reactions following this week’s game against Detroit. If the Vikings win, confidence levels will almost certainly increase, but by how much?

Of course, if the Vikings were to lose, we could break the chart. Sure, it’s almost a 14% drop, but I’m not sure a team has ever hit 0% in the Reacts poll. We could be the first if that happens.

But these are your SB Nation reactions to the Minnesota Vikings for Week 13, folks. That’s hoping there is an increase. . .no matter how light it can be. . .next week when we revisit things.

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