Opening of new Drayton Manor ride delayed by nesting birds

A new Drayton Manor ride will not open along with the rest of the park’s new themed area this weekend. The ride named “Loki” will not operate due to birds nesting on the ride, which limits access to a main mechanical area.

The park’s new themed area with rides and attractions inspired by ancient gods and legends will still open on Sunday, May 29, in time for May Break, but Loki’s opening date has yet to be announced. Tamworth Theme Park had announced details of the new area, which was described as a “whole new land of discovery” in March.

A Drayton Manor spokesperson said: “The entire Vikings area will be open to the public from Sunday, but Loki will remain out of service. The remaining rides in the area will still be open, along with the rest of the park. “

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As for the rest of the new themed land, the theme park’s website states, “Enjoy our all-new exhilarating rides and attractions inspired by ancient gods and legends. Are you brave enough to board Thor, our brand new Disk’O Coaster, and experience the ultimate feeling of weightlessness?

“There’s even something for your little explorers, as they ride Sleipnir at our brand new training school – where they’ll learn to ride the ancient mythical horse.” This is the second new area at Drayton Manor park which opened last year, as the park opened its new River Rapids ride last summer, based in a new nautical themed area, Adventure Cove.

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