NMMA postpones five boat shows and announces new events

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has announced the postponement of the 2022 Progressive Insurance Boat Shows in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis to 2023. The postponement of these five shows is the result of extensive analysis, at alongside exhibitors and the NMMA. members, needs and the unique economy of each region, from date of availability to supply chain disruptions to historically low inventory of market specific boats.

As the NMMA continues to evolve its boat show portfolio as part of its strategic plan to expand the way it serves industry and consumers nationwide, the association is launching a new nautical event this spring. on Lake Lanier in Georgia, outside of Atlanta, completing the 2023 Atlanta Boat Show reboot. The NMMA will also launch a Discover Boating showcase in Washington, DC in May for policymakers and influencers, in tandem with the American Boating Congress (ABC) 2022, serving as a platform to elevate industry innovations and the nautical lifestyle. This event will set the stage for a consumer boating event in spring 2023 alongside ABC. More details on these plans will be shared in the coming weeks.

“Unprecedented market conditions are forcing event producers around the world to be more agile than ever before, while providing the ability to connect with attendees in new and more relevant ways and NMMA is no exception,” said said Frank Hugelmeyer, president of the NMMA. “These announcements come at a time when we are experiencing extraordinary levels of consumer interest in boating and our shows against a backdrop of product scarcity. Our strong 2022 lineup of nine boat shows and two new nautical events will help the industry maintain momentum and lay the groundwork for the return of our postponed shows to 2023, continuing our commitment to provide a world-class experience for our members and attendees. . have come to expect it.

The NMMA and the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) will begin incorporating Discover Boating into NMMA boat shows this winter, setting the stage for all NMMA events, as well as other industry events, to integrate with Discover Boating in 2023. The integration of the boat show will come after the launch of a new Discover Boating campaign this spring.

“While planning to return the entire NMMA Boat Show program in 2023 under the new Discover Boating umbrella, in the coming weeks we will be presenting Discover Boating at the Miami International Boat Show 2022, from 16 to February 20, 2022, “Hugelmeyer noted. “NMMA is anchored in connecting the industry with consumers to position boating for growth, going back over 115 years with the launch of the very first New York Boat Show. As we have evolved over time from the inception of Discover Boating to the advent of new trade show and event markets, we will continue to reimagine what it means to connect our industry with our customers by integrating Discover Boating through trade shows and by developing the brand. “

The program for the NMMA boat show and events in 2022 is as follows:


  • Minneapolis Progressive Insurance Boat Show, January 20-23, 2022
  • St. Petersburg Energy & Sail Show, January 20-23, 2022
  • Progressive Insurance Louisville Boat, RV & Sportsshow, January 26-30, 2022
  • Progressive Insurance Boat Show in New York, January 26-30, 2022
  • Miami International Boat Show, February 16-20, 2022
  • Progressive Insurance New England Boat Show, February 16-20, 2022 – NEW DATES
  • Progressive Insurance Atlantic City Boat Show, March 2-6, 2022
  • Progressive Insurance Northwest Sportsshow, March 10-13, 2022
  • NEW: Boating event on Lake Lanier, Georgia – Spring details and dates to come
  • NEW: Discover Boating Showcase, Washington, DC, May 11-13, 2022 – Details to come
  • Progressive Insurance Norwalk Boat Show, September 22-25, 2022
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