New VALORANT map set in Lisbon, Portugal? Possible release date, leaks and more

VALORANTS players have been waiting for a new map since Riot Games released Fracutre in September 2021, and many hoped it would be added to the popular FPS in Episode 4, Act 3, but the game’s latest update has only done so. ‘to add Fade, the new Turkish initiating agentas well as agent tweaks, bug fixes, and minor updates.

Although Riot hasn’t officially revealed any details about the upcoming VALORANTS map, the developer has already shared teasers dating back to the release of Fracture, and based on those clues, it looks like the new map will be set in Lisbon, Portugal.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new VALORANTS map.

What teasers and leaks for the novelty VALORANTS card have been revealed so far?

Currently, there are only seven cards in VALORANTS: Split, Bind, Haven, Ascent, Icebox, Breeze and Fracture. Since the tradition of VALORANTS takes place on Earth, each of these maps is usually set in a familiar real-world country or region. Haven is set in Thimphu, Bhutan; Bind in Rabat, Morocco, and Split in Tokyo, Japan, etc., and now the clues say it will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, so let’s take a look at the clues.

The first clue teasing the new VALORANTS card being in Portugal was via VALORANTS lore emails left on Fracture. Riot Games has already confirmed that these posts are related to the 8th VALORANTS map.

Before going into the mails, know that there are two scientists Oran and Ruben. Oran is from our Earth, while Reuben is from Mirror Earth.

Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT Lisbon, Portugal

The emails first mention that Ruben’s Mirror Earth contains a city-scale geo-dome with a “tidal forecast”

The next “Test Results” email reveals the pre-trip checks. Players quickly noticed that Fracture has a chart showing departures from a train station, and it shows that the next train leaves for Lisbon, portual, so it looks like Ruben is heading to Lisbon in Mirror Earth.

Credit: Riot Games


The home menu for episode 4 act 2 also shows Brimstone watching the hologram of what appears to be a new VALORANTS map.

Credit: Riot Games


Data miner Disturbo discovered another leak for the new VALORANTS map. Hidden within the RiotX Arcane bundle files was a texture revealing the coordinates, which lead directly to Lisbon, Portugal.

We’ve seen Neon’s home menu power up the portal before, and in Episode 4, Act 3, the home menu features an animation of the active portal. Pontes was also heading to Mirror Earth, but the biggest teaser that was released about the upcoming map in Lisbon, Portugal came in the form of a Battle Pass player card.

As Cynprel pointed out on Twitter, the player map shows Ruben and Oran riding the Eléctrico 27 ​​tram in Lisbon, Portugal, on Omega Earth:

The tram displays a logo of Kingdom Industries, located in Mirror Earth. As the geo-dome and tidal forecast suggest, the tram is located in an underwater city covered by a dome, and there is a real tram route in Lisbon, Portugal.

With the latest 4.09 update, it looks like everything is coming together for the next one. VALORANTS map:

On May 19, Valorleaks highlighted Fade’s voicemail that reveals she saw a “place of secrets” in the minds of Lisbon residents.

On May 23, Riot Games posted new art on social media, teasing the next VALORANTS map,

Credit: Riot Games

Aquarium map VALORANT – Portugal

“Something special is bubbling in VALORANTS. Get ready for Aquarium Week,” the articles read.

May 24, Riot Games revealed the aquarium-themed Neptune weapon skin packbut it looks like more will be revealed for Aquarium week.

On June 9, Riot Games shared another teaser for what appears to be a submarine. VALORANTS card with message in Portuguese:

Now that the clues have told us that the 8 VALORANTS The map will be set in Lisbon, Portugal from Mirror Earth, when can we expect it to be added to the game?

When is the new VALORANTS map located in Lisbon, Portugal, will it be published?

Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT Neon Portal

As of this writing, Riot Games has not officially announced when the new VALORANTS the map will be released or reveal clear details about it, so for now take everything here with a grain of salt, but we can speculate when it will arrive by looking back when new maps were released.

All VALORANTS The episode added a new map. Episode 1 added Icebox; Episode 2 added Breeze and Episode 3 added Fracture, so the only episode missing is Episode 4.

The time difference between previous map release dates is approximately 5-6 months, with the next Portugal map taking the longest to release. Based on this, we can assume that the New VALORANTS the map will be released in episode 5, act 1which will probably be launched towards July 7, 2022.

We will update this article once more details about the new VALORANTS the map emerges, so follow Valorant rocks my world on Facebook or follow Valiant Source on Twitter to be notified of updates.

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