Marking third anniversary of Danube tourist boat tragedy – PHOTOS

A memorial event was held at the Margaret Bridge in Budapest on Sunday to mark the third anniversary of a boat accident on the Danube that killed 28 people.

Park Chul-min, Korean Ambassador, and Péter Sztáray, Hungarian State Secretary for Security Policy, laid wreaths at the site to commemorate the Korean and Hungarian victims.

“The tragedy of three years ago is etched in the memory of millions of Koreans and Hungarians. Both nations shared and still share the pain of bereavement,” Sztáray said. “The shock caused by the tragedy has brought the citizens of both nations closer together,” he added.

Peter Sztaray. Photo: MTI

Park Chul-min thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local council of the 5th district of Budapest for the opportunity to pay tribute to the victims of the tragedy at the memorial built on the bridge.

On May 29, 2019, the Viking cruise ship Sigyn collided with the tourist boat Hableany which had 33 South Korean tourists and a crew of two Hungarians on board. Seven tourists were rescued from the water after the collision and the others died. One of the bodies has not been found. The trial of Viking captain Sigyn is still ongoing.


Ambassador Park Csul Min and Secretary of State Péter Sztáray. Photo: MTI

Inauguration of the memorial to the victims of the collision of boats on the Danube
Read alsoInauguration of the memorial to the victims of the collision of boats on the Danube

Source: MTI

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