List of all regions and areas of the world map in the game

Players will be really excited when they discover that there are different characters and after choosing them and progressing further in the game, they can unlock not only more powers and skills, but also different maps and regions to play in. . Diablo Immortal. It will make the gameplay really fun and engaging. The Diablo Immortal world map consists of eight different areas that players can choose from. Along with this, there are also achievement goals such as Hidden Lairs, Blue Quests, Purple Rare Elites, Shrines, and treasure chests.

List of all regions and areas of the world map in Diablo Immortal

Detailed information on all maps and regions is given below:

1. Ashwold Cemetery

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It consists of areas such as blue quests, guards, haunted altars, hidden lairs, mobs, and purple rare elites. The Ashwold Cemetery consists of 18 hidden lair locationsand you will have fun checking them all out.

2. Bilefen

Bilefen Diablo Immortal World Map
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Next in Bilefen we have The Blue Quests, Hidden Lairs, Mobs and Purple Rare Elites and it consists of 10 hidden lairswith six found on the northern sides of the infested quagmire, and four more south of Haven of the Crimson Blade.

3. Dark wood

Darkwood Diablo Immortal World Map
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We can see The blue quests, hidden lairsFreak, and Purple Rare Elites which contains 11 hidden lair locationsmostly on the north side of the map.

4. Frozen Tundra

frozen tundra
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

On this map we can see new areas with old The Blue Quests, Hidden Lairs, Mobs, Barbarian Spirit, Dead Yeti, Demonic Catapult and Purple Rare Elites, and 11 hidden lairs everywhere on the map around the Ruins of Secueron to the east, and three others by eternal jelly West lake.

5. Zoltun Kulle Library

Zoltun Kulle's Library Diablo Immortal Card
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Also here we can see all the older regions as well as a special region Blue Quests, Hidden Lairs, Mobs, Purple Rare Elites, Blasphemous Text, and Lost Pages at the library of Zoltun Kulle. It’s a great map in Diablo Immortal that’s fun to explore and has 8 hidden lairs but exploring them can get a bit tricky as it leads to too many dead ends.

6. Mount Zavain

Diablo Immortal Map Mount Zavain
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It contains the Blue Quests, Hidden Lairs, Mobs, Purple Rare Elitesand Shrubs in the region of Mount Zavain. There are 10 hidden lairs mostly on the ruins of Sescueron to the east and about three on the still frozen lake to the west.

7. Sea of ​​Shassar

Sea of ​​Shassar
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This region contains the Blue quests, hidden lairs, monsters and purple rare elites in the Shassar Sea region. contains 10 hidden lair locations. They are fairly evenly spread across the map.


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It is the last region of the map and contains all the regions mentioned above with 10 hidden lairs.

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