Former Vikings players return to site of ‘Love Boat’ incident

A few former Minnesota Vikings players decided to hold a public gathering while cruising Lake Minnetonka, a place that will forever be infamous in franchise history.

There are a few moments in Minnesota Vikings history that will end up going on forever, whether good or bad.

Unfortunately, a number of these memorable moments in Viking history tend to lean more towards the negative side of the spectrum. jim marshall run the wrong way, Gary AndersonThe missed kick and the collapse of the Metrodome roof are events Minnesota fans will never be able to erase from their memory, no matter how hard they try.

One of the most infamous moments in Viking history happened in 2005 in the waters of Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka. Known as the ‘Love Boat’ scandal, things got a little wild when some former Vikings players decided to throw a party on a boat. Ask Fred Smoot.

Minnesota’s ancient Vikings plan another boat party on Lake Minnetonka

After what happened in 2005, some would think many of the players involved in the incident would avoid boat parties for the rest of their lives. But that’s not the case for a few guys who used to dress for Minnesota.

Wednesdayancient viking security Robert Griffith announced that tickets were being sold for the opportunity to cruise Lake Minnetonka with former Minnesota players.

In addition to Griffith, former Vikings players Bryant McKinnie and Byron Chamberlain will participate in the event, which is currently scheduled to take place on the night of Friday, June 18.

Griffith and Chamberlain did not participate in the original “Love Boat” adventure on Lake Minnetonka in 2005. But McKinnie was reportedly one of the main participants who was fined and charged with disturbing the peace by local law enforcement.

No shenanigans are expected when McKinnie returns to Lake Minnetonka with other former Vikings players later this month. Instead, fans will have the chance to interact with a few guys who played for their favorite NFL team and possibly walk away with an autograph or two as well.

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