Elden Ring requires you to use your card, but not rely on it

Elden Ring’s map has very few features compared to those in other open world games, but it’s still useful even if it’s not always necessary.

Much noise has been made about Ring of Eldenlacks map markers compared to other open world games since release. Although some players find it difficult to adapt to the rather directionless experience, this map is far more functional than that of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicewhich was pretty much useless except to give the player an idea of ​​how the world is laid out as a whole. Ring of Elden was celebrated for its emergent exploration, and its diegetic map is a big reason it works so well, but the game deftly walks a very fine line to ensure players don’t lean on their map.


The recent patch 1.03 for Ring of Elden added new features for the map, but this is still an additional feature for navigating the game world by seeing landmarks. A close study of the map will actually reveal much of what can be found in the Midlands; ruins, churches, tunnels, and other recurring locations can often be discerned on the stylized world map. Dropping a bunch of waypoints for places to explore later quickly clutters the compass, and it’s so easy to get distracted Ring of Eldenplaced markers are easily overlooked as new things to explore are spotted.

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The map’s limited functionality, missing parts, and consistent aesthetics make it just another tool for the player to use. Unlike other games, there isn’t a lot of metagame knowledge, just Sites of Grace and the names of some places you’ve already visited. Ring of Elden can be enjoyed without taking notes or filling the map with an assortment of custom markers, but players hoping to explore all the secrets of the Lands Between will likely put the map to the test.

It’s easy to take the Elden Ring map for granted

Upon entering a new region, most Ring of Elden players will likely try to collect the piece of map fairly quickly. Having a general understanding of geography is a huge help in a game that can be oppressive in its atmosphere, and it’s fairly easy to guess where the nearest Grace site is. Ring of Elden sometimes reminds the player that the card – despite its relatively limited usefulness – is a luxury by highlighting its value by its temporary absence. A common occurrence for players early in the game is opening a chest in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins and being unwittingly teleported to Caelid, Ring of EldenThe nightmarish, scarlet rot-covered region northeast of Limgrave. Being suddenly dropped into a cave in an unknown, unmapped region is terrifying, but teaches players not to rely on their map for navigation.

A similar experience is had when trying to reach Volcano Manor on top of Mount Gelmir. Unlike previously explored regions, the Mount Gelmir Map Fragment is not easily accessible (unless Rya has taken the player directly to Volcano Manor), and with the path constantly twisting towards the top, it is almost Unable to determine what elevation the map the fragment icon is at. Players are deprived of their helpful map, but the game world is designed with enough notable landmarks that it’s possible to get a good idea of ​​Mount Gelmir’s layout even without the bird’s-eye view. . In-depth exploration in Ring of Elden requires viewing the card, but the gameplay does not miss a step when the card is removed.

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