Elden Ring Map Guide Details How to Best Explore the Lands Between

A dedicated Elden Ring fan has created a map detailing the best order in which to explore the open-world game’s Lands Between locations.

A Ring of Elden has crafted a detailed map guide outlining the order in which users should explore The Lands Between. While the Ring of Elden map allows players to freely explore at their leisure, there are a few best practices that newcomers may find particularly useful. The search for the different map fragments is just one example, as these elements reveal unexplored places. The interactive map on the Ring of Elden The Wiki page also came in handy, offering pointers for the location of boss characters, war ashes, armor, NPCs, and more.

One aspect of the experience that separates FromSoftware’s latest installment from other open-world games is the sense of exploration. Elden Ring’s The world never forces players to go in one direction, allowing those who have taken on the task of Terni to plan their own path to progress. Such freedom will no doubt inspire many open-world titles in the years to come, but some still prefer to rely on the occasional Ring of Elden map guide.


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Reddit user HexTheHardcoreCasual (via VG247) recently shared a Ring of Elden map guide detailing the order in which newcomers should explore the Lands Between. The order is indicated by the numbers 1 to 35, with the final boss being the last marked location on the map. HexTheHardcoreCasual has categorized locales by their “approximate difficulty and rewards“, in hopes of helping players avoid the problem of entering new areas when over-leveled. The modified map also features a few hint markers that those who choose to use it should inspect from Check it out in the Reddit post linked below:

While the fan-made Ring of Elden The map above indicates that some of the previous areas kind of follow a natural line of progression, some of the suggestions will have players bouncing around The Lands Between on occasion. Ultimately, users have to decide for themselves the order of operations in terms of where to explore after exhausting an area’s play space. Still, HexTheHardcoreCasual’s detailed blueprint still seems like a good guide to follow.

Ring of Elden launched earlier this year and immediately took the industry by storm. The freedom of exploration, boss battles, lore, and game design thrilled those who dove into the new world. As such, many have high hopes that FromSoftware will consider further developing Lands Between in potential DLC releases, especially since some of them Elden Ring’s cut content hints about interesting game mechanics and areas that were left out during production.

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Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: HexTheHardcoreCasual/Reddit (via VG247)

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