Dual Universe devs detail system board updates coming in Athena update

With the Athena update after a final test, the developers of dual universe have released a new devblog detailing what you need to know about the upcoming system board update.

The system map will be scaled and players can navigate and move around the system map to get a better sense of space and direction. You will be able to rotate the map and toggle some of the display settings that affect you. This means you can narrow the map down to what you need most, or you can add more information if you think it’s relevant. Information options include constructions, points of interest, and resource points.

You will also be able to set a warp point and it will not replace your current destination waypoint. This expansion of options is important with new systems like Alien Core Units coming and new areas for new players or players who want a lesser chance of PVP action. From the menus you can also set destinations, open planetary maps, and set those warp points.

As for the other options of dual universe, it is the choice of the player in action. Some people prefer a cleaner map and others need more information to pursue their goals. you can also reset the map to the default location and options if it has become unwieldy. Other additions to the map you’ll notice are exact distance indicators between where your avatar is and any location you choose by hovering over the destination.

Athena is coming, and while previous focus and announcements sometimes focus on the PVP side and the upcoming war, the update is much bigger than that, and these additions and map options are part of it.

Read the full system map devblog at dual universe.

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