Drayton Manor’s new ride is seriously baffling fans

There’s a new attraction at Drayton Manor and people are feeling giddy even before they get on it. See for yourself:

The Staffordshire theme park has introduced fans to a new “Vikings” series for its Spring 2022 season, one of which is the Loki ride.

Taking to his TikTok page, Drayton Manor shared a clip of the attraction in action, writing, “There’s nothing Loki about it.”

Named after the mythological god of mischief, Loki is the UK’s first Zamperla Nebulaz.

As the official description says it: “Loki is a family ride with eight gondolas and four arms rotating in a quick-interlocking orbit.

“Inspired by the malevolent god of mischief, Loki will send passengers to new heights, delivering a truly mesmerizing experience from both the sky and the ground.”

Loki is the UK’s first Zamperla Nebulaz. Credit: TikTok/@drayton_manor

While fans have yet to try out the ride, many were taken aback by the video, which shows the mechanical arms as they appear to cross in all directions.

“My poor brain,” wrote one user, while another said, “It makes me cry that I don’t understand.”

A third asked, “Define an April Fool’s joke?” to which Drayton Manor replied, “No! Loki will be opening in our brand new Vikings area this spring.

Many commenters compared the clip to the opening of spy kids 2and just as many expressed their enthusiasm for the ride.

“Amazing, can’t wait to ride it,” one said, while another added, “Always wanted a nebulaz in the UK!”

Fans were left baffled by the ride.  Credit: TikTok/@drayton_manor
Fans were left baffled by the ride. Credit: TikTok/@drayton_manor

Well, now their dreams have come true.

Alongside Loki, there are a host of new attractions in the Vikings area of ​​the park, said to be “inspired by ancient gods and legends”.

Of course, you can’t have Loki without Thor, who in the world of Drayton Manor will come in the form of the highly anticipated Disk’O Coaster.

The website states: “Thor is a new, brightly colored family ride named after the infamous god of thunder.

“It will send those brave enough to ride a giant wheel down a roller coaster track for the ultimate feeling of weightlessness.”

For those looking to brave their first mini-coaster, there’s Jormungandr, a reimagined version of Drayton Manor’s family-favorite Buffalo Coaster.

Alongside the rides, kids can make the most of a Vikings training attraction called Sleipnir, and there will also be a Walhalla restaurant with wooden benches surrounding a sizzling barbecue.

And for anyone looking to extend the fun overnight, guests can enjoy one of 10 new Viking-themed rooms at its on-site hotel.

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