Did VALORANT just tease a new aquarium map?

Riot Games has shared a new teaser for VALORANTS today, and that’s probably for the next map which will probably take place in Lisbon, Portugal from Omega Earth. The update comes from the popular FPS PC game’s official social media accounts, and it features all-new art of an aquarium, teasing: “Something special is bubbling up in Valorant,” Riot promises. “Get ready for Aquarium Week.”

Riot didn’t share any additional details on exactly when this Aquarium week will happen or what it will include, but the visuals of the image lineup with what has been teased about the next VALORANTS map so far.

Various in-game clues have been shared about the eighth VALORANTS map, and according to these leaks and teasers, it will take place in Lisbon, Portugal.

Cynprel also highlighted the player card from the last VALORANTS Battle Pass shows Ruben and Oran on the Eléctrico 27 ​​tram in Lisbon, Portugal, on Omega Earth, and the art features an aquarium:

It looks like the next map will be set in an underground city in Portugal, but Riot has yet to confirm any story details for the map.

New VALORANTS The map will most likely be released in Episode 5, Act 1, which will likely launch around July 7, 2022. The final map, Fracture, launched in September 2021 alongside Patch 3.05. A new map is probably long overdue and fans are excited to get a new one this year.

The teaser also hints at a fan theory regarding the VALORANTS Agent, Omen, who has long been theorized to be an octopus in disguise. The octopus at the center of the Aquaraium tease clearly has the Mysterious Agent’s distinctive three-eyed mast on its head, so at the moment we’re not sure exactly what that means.

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You can read everything we know about the new VALORANT map here.

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