Dial in the ride with Dometic Marine’s new standard trim flaps

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A boat that is not properly trimmed can pound through the waves for an uncomfortable, wet ride and even suck up a lot more fuel than it should. It can even be dangerous in harsh weather conditions.

Setting a boat’s trim tabs correctly has an incredible positive effect on the way a boat drives and feels, and can provide a significant improvement in speed and fuel economy. The challenge has always been the “trial and error” aspect of how trim tabs work. Adjusting the port and starboard fins individually with traditional toggle switches is not very intuitive. Especially when you’re faced with ever-changing dynamics throughout the day as the wind and waves change and people shift and move around the boat changing the weight balance.

Dometic Marine’s new standard SeaStar trim tabs are designed to make trim tab adjustment second nature for operators of all types of boats. The heart of this trim tab system is an intuitive dial controller that allows boaters to easily “dial in” the optimum ride for any situation. All the operator has to do is turn the dial in the direction they want to level the boat, and the electric actuators respond quickly and precisely to level the ride. Easy-to-see LED lights on the controller indicate port and starboard tab positions, with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness for optimal visibility in any environment.

There are also one-touch Bow Up and Bow Down inputs for manual adjustment, allowing the boater to adjust boat attitude without affecting roll, and vice versa, for precision steering adjustment. This clever system also has an easy “Favorite” button that makes it easy to return to a boat’s “sweet spot”.

Fully electric trim tab actuators use a planetary gearbox, high torque DC motor and freewheeling ball screw mechanism for instant response and quiet operation. A rugged housing and simple two-piece design minimizes points of water intrusion and features dual housing seals, a rear seal in a protected bushing area, and a scraper that removes particles from the shaft and protects the back seal. The result is a trim tab system designed for the long haul in the harsh marine environment.

The system is designed for use with SeaStar heavy duty stainless steel trim tabs, but can also be integrated into a boat’s existing flaps.

For more information, visit Dometic at the Miami Boat Show – February 16-21, 2022 or drop by in line.

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