Boat collision on the Danube: inauguration of the diver training pool – PHOTOS

Hungary’s first-ever diver training tank was inaugurated in southern Baja on Friday, on the third anniversary of a deadly boat collision on the Danube that claimed the lives of scores of South Korean tourists in 2019.

On May 29, 2019, the Viking cruise ship Sigyn collided with the tourist boat Hableany which had 33 South Korean tourists and a crew of two Hungarians on board. Seven tourists were rescued from the water after the collision and the others died. One of the bodies has not been found.

Róbert Zsigó, Fidesz deputy for Baja, said at the inauguration that

the disaster bound two nations together.

He said the youngest victim of the collision was 6 years old and the oldest 71 years old.

South Korea’s Ambassador to Budapest, Park Chul-min, rewards one of the Hungarian divers. Photo: MTI/Daniel Kiss

Park Chul-min, South Korea’s ambassador to Hungary, said May 29, 2019 was “a moment of shock” that to this day cannot be forgotten. At the same time, he expressed his thanks and gratitude to the divers who had done everything to save the victims at the scene of the disaster.

The diver training pool opened in Baja, a town on the southern Hungarian part of the Danube, was built on the initiative of the Havaria Disaster Management Public Benefit Association.

Sightseeing boat South Korea Budapest

The commemoration in Baja. Photo: MTI/Daniel Kiss

Inauguration of the memorial to the victims of the collision of boats on the Danube
Read alsoInauguration of the memorial to the victims of the collision of boats on the Danube

Source: MTI

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