ArcheAge is getting a new map in June, ArchePass updates for better rewards, and quality of life changes

ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained players can expect new content and more updates to come, as revealed in the recent Kakao Now showcase. Updates from Kakao and XO Games will begin in late March, with a new map in June.

ArcheAge will receive UI updates by the end of this month, with March 31st being the target for this change. This month will also bring new Tier 3 Erenor capes. This date is also when Kakao plans to release the next ArchePass, with a change in monthly rewards that will include all new rewards, including the Steel mount. Lightning for ArcheAge: Unlimited. Getting your hands on one will give you normal boosts like your speed, but this one has stealth you can even use to sneak up on your formidable mount.

There will be another new ArchePass on April 28, and Archeage: Unchained players can look forward to the Typhoon Drake mount. The ArchePass redesigns came after community feedback essentially found the current system to be a step back from Legacy and otherwise rather boring, so they make the rewards more dynamic and diverse. There will also be other updates to the pass this year.

There will be more reveals about the update soon, but we also know that a brand new map will launch in June. The Great Western Grassland is the name of the new map and its location is where the Firrans lived before their exodus in the Great Migration. This will expand the lore starting with what happened long ago, but you will be able to see traces of their history and past in the lands. There’s no more information on the map, but expect to hear more later in the spring.

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